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Secret Mum Club with Sophiena

The Mother's Day Special

Season 2, Ep. 19

It's Mother's Day, so of course Sophiena and Emma needed to do a very special episode, on this special day, for every member of The Secret Mum Club! Happy Mother's Day! They have some wonderful messages from you in Correspondence Corner, for the special mums in your life. You'll also hear from our podcast friends at Mummy's Boy with Arthur Hill, The Gossip Gays and On The Sofa with Colson, Jack and Ben. Expect a "heartfelt" poem, love for Beyonce and why a loaf of bread is a perfect Mother's Day gift. Talking of gifts, Sophiena and Emma have picked up presents for each other (not bread) and discuss what a Mother's Day looks like in their households.

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  • 33. The Blowout

    It's official... Baby life is in full swing and each day is blurring into the next for the ladies! But there's still plenty to chat about including a huge milk update from Soph, a very touching story about bonding with grandparents (get the tissues ready), Dads helping Dads in the loo and an unfortunate blowout in the park.
  • 32. The Dropping Balls

    Two things are flowing this week... all of your lovely correspondence, and the prosecco. Whilst enjoying the merriment of being out of the house, the ladies ponder upon a letter about dropping balls, the sexy numbers trend is back (and it's even sexier than last time), and there's a touching secret about the best time to try for a baby.
  • 31. The Post-Baby Bowel Movement

    The back-to-the-studio excitement continues with our first Monday episode back. Emma shares some incredible news and Sophiena has Renley's first ever secret! Plus, we hear about one mum's experience with homeschooling, there's a post-partum poo celebration, and we learn about a new way to use nappies in an emergency.
  • 30. The Studio Soirée

    After three months and fifteen home records, the ladies are finally reunited (and it feels so good)! But they're not the only ones in the studio. We've got two new faces on the block, and it's safe to say, they're definitely going to be the new stars of the Secret Mum Club!
  • 29. The Defecated Baby

    We're getting hit with some more classic Dottie truths this week, as a trip to the Zoo turns awkward. Both ladies have updates to give this week, Emma shares how her babies are getting on and Sophiena is back with more from the doctors!Plus your secrets are as outrageous as ever with cleanliness being questioned and we're getting down with the trumpets out in the wild!
  • 28. The Baby Spoon

    Not long before the ladies are back together in the studio again! Until then, Jen's been back in touch to give us the inside scoop on her magic pumps, there's a huge announcement from one of our listeners and we hear about the next generation of the poo knives in the extra secret of the week.
  • 27. The School Runs

    The ladies have loads to catch up on this week, from Sophiena's disappointing doctor's visit and unfortunate school run to Emma's breastfeeding journey. Plus there is a genius secret from one mum who is winning at life, and another one involving double trouble... with twins!
  • 26. The Chesticles

    This week Sophiena and Emma chat about the reality of dealing with a looming childbirth after we hear from a mum who is weighing up her birthing options. There's another poo incident in the mix and the extra secret of the week has the ladies howling as it's a classic case of children saying the wildest things!
  • 25. The Boob-Grabber-In-Law

    Another week, another poo secret... But this time it involves a little bit of redecorating. We also hear from a first-time mum who has a handsy encounter with their mother-in-law. Sophiena's been having some lunchbox troubles, and Emma's sleeping patterns are slowly getting better!