Secret Mum Club with Sophiena

  • 22. The Magic Pumps

    Now that the ladies are officially back together, they've got loads to catch up on. Sophiena shares more about her experience in the hospital and NICU, and it's safe to say you'll need your tissues ready. Emma tells us all about how Joseff is getting along with his baby sister, and we have two incredible secrets involving a missing willy and sensual breast pumps.
  • 21. The Babies Are Here!

    Can you bloody believe it?! The ladies are finally back together but this time, they've brought along Baby Renley and Sadie! With their little humans in tow Sophiena and Emma have A LOT to catch up on.
  • 20. The Baby Special... With Chris!

    Sophiena’s back and this time, SHE HAS A BABY! We’re officially welcoming little Renley to the Secret Mum Club with a special episode all about his journey into the world. And whilst Emma is busy recovering and enjoying her own bundle of joy, we’ve roped someone in to help. Making his debut is Chris! (AKA Daddy, AKA Pizza Dick.) 
  • 19. The Mother's Day Special

    It's Mother's Day, so of course Sophiena and Emma needed to do a very special episode, on this special day, for every member of The Secret Mum Club! Happy Mother's Day! They have some wonderful messages from you in Correspondence Corner, for the special mums in your life. You'll also hear from our podcast friends at Mummy's Boy with Arthur Hill, The Gossip Gays and On The Sofa with Colson, Jack and Ben. Expect a "heartfelt" poem, love for Beyonce and why a loaf of bread is a perfect Mother's Day gift. Talking of gifts, Sophiena and Emma have picked up presents for each other (not bread) and discuss what a Mother's Day looks like in their households.Want to get in touch?E-mail or follow us on socials @secretmumpod
  • 18. The Best Bits: Poo Special

    We're looking back at all the classic Secret Mum Club moments... and this time it's all about number twos! That's right, we're talking poo. It's a running theme on the podcast, and we do love a good poo story! So sit back, relax and let's enjoy some iconic toilet tales!
  • 17. The Bonjela Baby

    Another week, another story about children shouting out embarrassing stuff in public - and this time it's all to do with size! We also hear about a unique way of getting your younger siblings to stop crying, and we have a touching letter from Jess about her own tooth-breaking story. Meanwhile, the ladies have been battling with sleep, and dreaming of all the foods under the sun. Fair warning, they tell us about their latest cravings so if you're hungry... you're about to get a whole lot hungrier!
  • 16. The Brainy Boob

    If you're going to learn one thing from today's episode, it's that children are honest - they say it how they see it, and they'll tell you how they feel... even if it does involve violence! And we finally hear from a medical professional about c-sections!
  • 15. The First One At Home!

    That's right Mum's we're officially out of the studio and recording from home! And with only one disruption from Chrissy (it's not the Secret Daddies Club!), we'd call it a success! The bump countdown continues and it's safe to say those third-trimester symptoms are coming in thick and fast. Sophiena has a WILD secret this week, and Emma shares her children's party woes. Plus we have a sack full of your secrets... and they're eye opening.
  • 14. The Instagram Live!

    We had such a hoot during our first-ever Insta live that we needed to share it with you (just in case you missed it)! In this 10-minute, home-recorded snippet we hear about Sophiena and Emma's weeks, and it's chaotically fun-filled as always.