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The Rose Woman

Doing it Right: Blissipline, Discipline, Dogma

Ep. 110

Join Christine in this solo episode as she discusses "blisscipline" and the harmful transformation of discipline into dogma. Listen in and learn about the importance of breaking free from oppressive environments and belief systems that create shame and fear of rejection.

In this episode, we cover:

  • A story of 2 tents: The preparing and experiencing a ceremony
  • Invitation in body love 
  • Finding the sweet spot between discipline and dogma
  • Why it's hard to leave oppressive situations
  • Spiritual practices in the Catholic religion
  • In breaking free 
  • Inspirational quotes from Bell Hooks


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  • 122. Devotional Sexuality and the Evolved Masculine with Destin Gerek

    Let's embark on a transformative journey with Destin Gerek, a globally recognized leading voice in masculinity, sexuality, and personal empowerment. As a Certified Sexologist and the author of "The Evolved Masculine" he delves into the depths of sex, love, and personal evolution. He is the director of the award-winning powerful short film "Seductive Devotion", offering an inspiring alternative narrative in a society dominated by stories of male perpetrators and harm inflicted upon women. Through his flagship program, “Sexual Self-Mastery” he has trained over 2000 men to master their sexual energy and become attuned, evolved lovers. Destin guides men to harness their sexual energy, forging powerful connections with themselves and others. Join us for an in-depth journey into evolved masculinity and transformative revelations.In this episode, we cover the following:How did Destin was called to his workDestin as the erotic rockstar and exploring boundaries The journey to deep exploration into personal empowerment.The shift to The Evolved Masculine archetypeThe importance of integrating the healthy feminine aspect within masculinityThe pickup industryHow does the process of collaborating with someone unfold?On becoming a parent, embracing devotion and imperfectionsConnecting with the communitySexual Self-MasteryImportance of addressing shame and its compounding effect on sexual issuesShort Film: Seductive DevotionReconnect with one's body and experiencing life fullyHelpful links:Destin Gerek author of THE EVOLVED MASCULINE: Be the Man the World Needs and the One She Craves and host of Diving Deep with Destin, Sex, Love, and Evolution PodcastFree 60-min webinar training: Sexual Self-Mastery: Become the Best Lover She's EVER Had!Seductive DevotionFollow him on Instagram, Facebook, TiktokEvolved Masculine Facebook GroupEpisode #121 Peace In and Through the Body with Mark WhitwellWhat is Epigenetics?Find Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108.
  • 121. Peace In and Through the Body with Mark Whitwell

    In this special Thanksgiving episode, join us as we rediscover unity through the profound teachings of yoga, featuring a thought-provoking conversation with Mark Whitwell, a seasoned yoga teacher with over four decades of experience. He draws inspiration from the teachings of T. Krishnamacharya and TKV Desikachar. This episode guides us through a journey of understanding our interconnectedness and the transformative potential of ancient wisdom in contemporary life. Join us as we explore the relevance of yoga in addressing historical conflicts, envision religious education through yoga practices, and contemplate the power dynamics within ourselves. This Thanksgiving, listen in and immerse yourself in a conversation that delves into the heart of unity, healing, and the timeless wisdom of yoga.In this episode, we cover the following:Living in a traumatized world: How do we navigate to this fact and the importance of lasting solutions in dealing with these challenges?The importance of yoga education for relief and healingWhole body breathingAddressing separation and fearEmpowering individuals locally in a global contextChallenging hierarchies, embracing unity of opposites and non-dualismThe transformative power of yoga practices in shifting the energy within a groupIntimacy with body, breath, and relationshipImportance of yoga as a practice to promote receiving and harmony between genders in daily life.Mark’s vision of a global yoga communityHelpful Links:Heart of Yoga Mexico Teacher UnTraining - Main teacher Mark Whitwell teaches the yoga he received since 1973 from T. Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar, with the influence of J. Krishnamurti and UG Krishnamurti. Heart of Yoga Peace Project - an ongoing vision to bring Yoga to conflict zones worldwideFind Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108.Find Radiant Farms on Instagram @weareradiantfarms and on Facebook @RadiantFarmsLLCListen, Like, Share & Subscribe on Apple Podcast | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Youtube
  • 120. Life as a ceremony with Jess Magic

    We are delighted to have the incredible Jess Magic, she is more than a singer, Jess is a musical storyteller who creates compelling opportunities for people to interact with life from an open heart.  In a world where so many are longing for deeper levels of connection, authentic expression, and intimacy, Jess weaves a "spell" of love with each song and story to reveal aspects of the human experience that crack open the hearts of those who are touched by her presence.As an emcee (a.k.a. "Mistress of Ceremonies"), a speaker, and a social entrepreneur, Jess Magic uses her voice and charismatic presence to break down barriers between artist and audience, giving people permission to drop the masks and be seen in their most raw, joyful and sincere expression. Jess brings a unique perspective that promises to inspire and resonate. Get ready for an enlightening discussion that blends personal insights with the spirit for the upcoming holiday season.In this episode, we cover the following:The power of ritual and ceremony creates intentional spaces that summon profound presence.Jess shares her journey of trusting her internal guidance system.On tracking feelings in the body and mapping them to meaningful directions in life.Signs that you’re moving in the right direction with your internal guidance system.Thoughts on holding a ritual space.What are the elements of a successful ceremony?The role of participants in a good ceremony.Creating authentic spaces and rituals within families and with the people we love.The power of co-creationCeremony in everyday lifeImpact of individual and relational behaviors on communitiesReimagining various aspects of life, from relationships to education and beyond.The importance of being in the right relationship with oneself, family, community, and the world.Thoughts on living a more enchanted and connected lifeHelpful links:Jess Magic - Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook for updates on the Muali ProjectFree Your Voice - A journey of innter authority and embodied expressionREVERENCE: Creating Ritual in Modern Life by Christine Marie MasonArticles on Rituals at the Rosebud Woman websiteSuzanne SterlingRobert BellahDamanhurFind Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman
  • 119. On combat, hitting bottom and finding a way to the light: Veterans, Legal entheogens and finally coming home with Justin LaPree

    Veteran's Day is a day of remembrance and gratitude. Join us today with special guest Justin LaPree, a decorated US Marine Veteran and a former Austin, Texas firefighter who has found healing and hope.After returning home from the Middle East, he struggled with a TBI, PTSD, and survivor's guilt, enduring everything from homelessness to opioid dependence. In 2018, he attempted suicide in the parking lot of his Austin, Texas, fire station. After his failed attempt, a friend suggested he read Michael Pollan’s How to Change Your Mind. After several experiences with sacred fungi and plant medicines, Justin's lost memories resurfaced, his suicidal ideation ceased, his PTSD diminished, and along the way, he rediscovered the truest form of himself. After 15 years of losing friends to suicide, Justin was determined to create a safe and sacred container for healing, connection, and transformation. In 2022, he founded Heroic Path to Light, a Texas-based nonprofit entheogenic church serving the veteran, first responder, and Gold/White star communities. Heroic Path to Light is currently guiding a courageous group of ten female veterans through a transformative 25-week program, with a pivotal week-long in-person retreat that concluded on October 20th. This retreat, specifically designed for women who have endured the traumas of sexual assault, provided a sanctuary for healing, self-discovery, and communal support. Within this sacred space, the participants engaged with ancient entheogenic practices, allowing for profound emotional and spiritual healing. As they continue their journey through the remainder of the program, these women are supported in integrating their experiences from the retreat into their daily lives. The commitment to nurturing a powerful sisterhood empowers participants to process and transcend their trauma, forging a path toward resilience and a renewed sense of purpose.In this episode, we cover the following:Justin shares his struggles, misdiagnosis, and journey as a Military Veteran.He reflects on the common experiences of veterans and first responders, emphasizing the importance of addressing mental health in these communitiesThe transformative psilocybin experience led to the creation of the "Heroic Path to Light."The organization was established to provide legal psychedelic therapies in the United States under the guise of a religious institution, utilizing legal protections for religious freedom.Heroic Path to Light's program is comprehensive, spanning 25 weeks and catering to veterans, first responders, and their families, with a focus on accessibility and affordability.The women's program addresses issues of sexual trauma and abuse among female veterans, emphasizing empowerment and healing.The organization's future plansHelpful links:Heroic Path to Light helps veterans, first responders, and Gold/White Star families heal, transform, and find purpose through community, connection, and sacred psychedelic medicine retreats. Their retreat experiences are enriched by comprehensive preparation and integration, and they foster a community where mutual understanding and shared experience thrive. All retreats are U.S. based, safe, and legal. They believe if you served America, you deserve to heal IN America. To Donate, visit this LINKHow to Change Your Mind by Michael Pollan
  • 118. The 5 Hidden Love Questions with Dr. Victor Frank

    Join us as we embark on a journey through the world of dating, relationships, and the pursuit of happiness. In today's episode, we cover “The 5 Hidden Love Questions" with Dr. Victor Frank, a happiness engineer and behavioral change specialist. His training includes a bachelor’s degree from Harvard College, M.D. from the UCSD School of Medicine, and M.Phil. from Cambridge, certifications in clinical hypnotherapy, NLP, and Havening Techniques®. He's developed Creative Repatterning, a proprietary method for establishing new behaviors. He's given 3 TEDx talks and is the creator of the online course "Super Charisma: How to Be a Transformative Speaker", the highest-rated public speaking course on Udemy. The Tao of Dating has sold 100,000+ copies by word of mouth only and was the highest-rated dating book on Amazon for 8 years.In this episode, we cover the following:Why this topic is vital for happinessWhy the Tao of DatingRelationship assets and values matchingASKOR CriteriaThe 5 Hidden QuestionsThe 5 pillars of human thrivingHelpful links:The 5 Hidden Love Questions: Radically Simple Strategies to Date Smarter, Own Your Power, and Flourish (The Tao of Dating) by Dr. Victor FrankThe Tao of DatingMeditation AudiosAnother Look at Whether a Rising Tide Lifts All BoatsTen Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right NowThinking, Fast and SlowThe Third Body by Robert BlyThe Spread of Obesity in a Large Social Network over 32 Years Another Look at Whether a Rising Tide Lifts All Boats Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now Hardcover by Jaron Lanier The photon-avalanche effect: review, model and application
  • 117. Telling Stories that Matter: Enchantments for Inspired Change with Maria Sipka

    Welcome, dear listeners! Today, we are honored to have a chat with a remarkable guest, Maria Sipka. Her journey is one filled with a profound belief in the transformative potential of Social Impact Storytelling. Maria unveils her incredible life story, rooted in the dream of finding freedom, which led her on a path of exploration, self-discovery, and global connection. Join us and listen in as we embark on this transformative episode, and let Maria's wisdom and experiences inspire your journey and story. #yearnIn this episode, we cover:The beginning of meaningful storytelling and the dream of finding freedom What is Vipassana?The concept of "Year of" themes.Discovering her passion for storytelling and recognizing the power of collective intention and connection.On asking the right questions.On building a conscious community, connecting people, and promoting personal growth: The Yearn Festival.The use of meaningful names for homes to set the stage for experiences.Suggestions for incorporating story and magic.The symbolism of the dandelion and the power of storytelling and propagation.Helpful links:Maria Sipka - Storyteller, Co-Founder and EVP at Linqia Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin for updatesThe Yearn -  A community of like-minded hearts and souls for the conscious curious.  THE NINE GIFTS by Christine Marie Mason with Jeff GreenwaldLinda GrahamDwa ChandraAzrya BequerSpirit Rock - An Insight Meditation CenterThe Phoenix and the Carpet byThe Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen Find Rosebud Woman on Instagram as @rosebudwoman, Christine on Instagram as @the.rose.woman, and on Tiktok as @therosewoman108.Find Radiant Farms on Instagram @weareradiantfarms and on Facebook @RadiantFarmsLLC
  • 116. Outgrowing Religion, Living as Embodied Love with Jim Palmer

    Jim Palmer is the Founder of the Center for Non-Religious Spirituality. In addition to being a critically acclaimed author of six books, Jim writes columns and articles for professional journals and major publications. He is an adjunct professor of Ethics, Philosophy of Religion, and Comparative Religion. Jim is a Spiritual Director, Founder of the Nashville Humanist Association, and Chaplain with the American Humanist Association. Jim is a speaker, counselor and retreat leader in the area of religious deconstruction, recovery, and reconstruction.Founder, Center for Non-Religious Spirituality; Published Author; Adjunct Professor; Spiritual Director• The beauty of life and poetry. 0:00• Trauma, mental health, and faith. 8:10• Questioning Christian beliefs and identity. 13:12• Faith, heresy, and personal growth. 19:01• Spirituality, religion, and personal growth. 22:19• Spiritual healing and Christian theism. 29:20• Gender roles, religion, and identity. 35:48• The interconnectedness of all things. 43:49• Love, compassion, and reclaiming language. 49:46• Atheism, humanism, and spirituality without religion. 56:42• Spirituality, embodiment, and liberation. 1:03:16
  • 115. Feel Yourself: Interoception. Connection and the Mind as the Body, with Saga Briggs

    In today's episode, we are joined by Saga Briggs. She's an accomplished freelance journalist, known for her thought-provoking articles on the intriguing intersections of interoception and psychedelics. Listen in for a captivating conversation with Saga as we uncover the intricate links between our minds and bodies, offering practical tips for developing heightened body awareness.In this episode, we cover:“How to Change Your Body” title explained.What is Interoception?What leads us to disconnection?Can we predict our bodies?Mental health and body health conceptsWhat is Kama Muta?What are other reconnection practices?Thoughts on using different psychedelicsDecolonizing the bodyAuthenticity as a cure for disembodimentHow to develop awareness of your body?Helpful Links:Saga Briggs - Author of How to Change Your Body: The Science of Interoception and Healing Through Connection to Yourself and OthersTwitter @SagaMilenaArticles by Saga:Art May Be in the Body of the BeholderHow to trust your bodySocial InteroceptionReferences:How to Change Your Mind by Michael PollanYou Must Change your Life by Peter SloterdijkJournalist Emily Underwood on Brain-body connectionAntonio Damasio on consciousness and bodily feelingsInteroception researchers Andy Arnold and Karen DobkinsDecolonizing the Body by Kelsey BlackwellKama Muta: The Connecting Emotion by Alan Page FiskeDr Ros Watts on psychedelics and connectednessKristina Oldroyd on interoception and childhood developmentAudre Lorde's The Erotic as PowerMultidimensional Assessment of Interoceptive Awareness
  • 114. Kundalini Tantra with Christine Marie Mason

    Kundalini Tantra is an ancient art of harnessing inner energy for self-discovery, profound intimacy, and spiritual awakening. In honor of sexual health awareness month, we return to our roots- we talk tantra, love, sex, the root chakra and moolabhanda and the pelvic basin and so much more.We cover some Kundalini basics, including accessing and taming the energy coiled at the base of the spine, and some tantric practices like the three muscle sets in the pelvic basin. Christine also offers a how to on yab yum with a partner, as a beginning exercise.References and links:God and Sex: Now We Get Both by Mark Whitwell and Rosalind AtkinsonThe Encyclopedia of the Subtle Body by Cyndi DaleKundalini Tantra by Swami Satyananda SaraswatiRosebud Woman Intimate Wellness ProductsRadiant Farms GummiesChristine on InstagramChristine's Books and stuff