Rocket Fuel: Youth Marketing

Speaking the Language of Youth

A series of conversations at the intersection of Commerce, Culture and Creativity with a focus on youth and marketing.Each week, our host James Erskine (CEO of Rocket, Podcaster and Entrepreneur) will be joined by guests

Ally Owen - Founder, Brixton Finishing School

Season 1, Ep. 19
Ally Owen is the founder of Brixton Finishing School, an organisation dedicated to helping those from disadvantaged backgrounds into the creative industries.From its inception in 2017, Brixton Finishing School set out to be a disruptor to the creative industries; challenging issues of diversity by being more inclusive to those of BAME heritage and economically disadvantaged backgrounds. BFS provide successful applicants with a free 12-week course, which includes masterclasses from business professionals and avenues into entry-level jobs.Coming from a lower-class background herself, Ally knows what it’s like to play an unfair game. This is why she’s made it her mission to “solve the world’s problems,” by helping to those that need it most. Prior to founding Brixton Finishing School, she found success at enterprises such as The Guardian, John Brown and Yahoo! Now, she spends her time tackling unethical hiring practices; ushering in a more equal opportunity society.This is Ally Owen’s Rocket Fuel.———————Follow James @JamesErskine ( Rocket @WeAreRocketHQ ( Rocket on LinkedIn ( Ally Owen @ally_n1 ( her on LinkedIn ( Brixton Finishing