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Revenue Accelerator with Pamela George

Season 2022, Ep. 915
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In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we are happy to introduce you to our guest,  Pamela George. Rockstar does not even encompass what this woman has been through and what she is doing in the world today! She is a financial powerhouse. But it wasn't always that way. She was born into poverty and raised by an illiterate mother. As a young child, Pamela vowed to create her own financial wealth, breaking the cycle that was passed on to her by her family. Through her work, she has healed her own money trauma and now stands before us all as a strong and financially empowered woman who now lives her purpose by supporting women across the globe to create their own financial freedom and build generational wealth through her signature framework: The Seven Pillars of Money Management. 


[ 01:29 ] Marrying the “money mindset” and believing and manifesting with actual numbers and dollars and cents.

[ 03:32 ] I help my clients see that they need to understand that their money mindset, their mental blocks and what they have gone through, all affects their behavior around money. And when you address that, and you match it with the money aspect of dollars and cents, then you come out of it feeling really financially empowered.

[ 04:46 ] Money ghosting. This is when a potential client who you know was all set to pull the trigger, they’ve read the invoice email, you know they have, but they just froze.  They are not responsive, they are just ghosting you because they are afraid to make that investment commitment.  They might be dealing with their own issues that have nothing to do with you at all…so it is best to give them some space and grace to figure things out.

[ 07:49 ] We are accountable to manage our own triggers. It's not other people's fault. 

So take on that responsibility, and be accountable for what has happened. Understanding your triggers, is an important thing. A firm believer in therapy, God knows I had my share of it. 

[ 12:3 ] Here's this gratitude and living and enjoying the moment. That comes with a settling, a grounding, so that I can really focus on what my purpose is, what's my intention, what I want for my life, what I want my future to look like what is important to me, and my values. 

[ 20:36 ] What does wealth mean? It's not just money. It's not just millions of dollars coming in, but it's also the time to spend with family.

[ 24:13 ]It’s not JUST SAVING,  if you don't save RIGHT, you can’t be successful in your savings. 

[ 25:19 ] You need to have a money date.  Sit with your money, crack open a bottle of wine if that takes the edge off - it's a date, and sit with your money, start with thirty minutes and do the things that will help you to build wealth.

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Revenue Accelerator with Nina Froriep

Season 2022, Ep. 728
In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Nina Froriep. She is an expert in the film and video production industry. Nina participated in various commercials, shows, and films and the producer and director of the Emmy Award Winning documentary film “Abraham’s Children.” Nina also helps coaches and entrepreneurs utilize video marketing for their businesses and services to gain clients. In today’s episode, she discusses video marketing and how to use it to gain clients on LinkedIn.How Nina started in the Video Industry[1:10]Nina has always been talented and an all-rounder in terms of creativity. Being curious about technology, she always tries something new, just like how she tried to invest in Cryptocurrency when it was first introduced. Thirty years ago, she discovered filmmaking and chose it over other professions because the filmmaking field has it all. Once she entered the industry, she slowly climbed up to the top.Video Marketing[3:36]For the last four or five years, Nina has been focusing on teaching video marketing with a focus on LinkedIn. They use the platform to gain clients, targeting business and service coaches and entrepreneurs. They help their clients produce content for their video marketing. [7:05]Consistency is the key that helps in monetizing on LinkedIn. As time passes by, change has been happening, especially in technology. What works now may not be appropriate in the future. Nina shared her experience on how their company boomed during 2020-2021; however, she emphasized how 2022 differs from before. Inbound Marketing[11:19]Nina values relationships a lot. When it comes to getting clients, they try their best to avoid outbound marketing and focus on inbound marketing; video marketing, after all, is part of the latter. Having great content could help people decide to reach out to you, and Inbound clients liked your content which led to them contacting you. Nina shared how she keeps track of where their clients come from – whether from a referral, a repeat client, an inbound client, or an outbound client. In her case, the clients are primarily referrals and repeat clients; otherwise, it’s an inbound with a few outbound. Strategy and Call-to-Action[13:36]In content creation for video marketing, you must first have a strategy. Determine what your purpose is, your target audience, etc. Make sure to also use call-to-action. You also need to find out your video personality. Nina shared that they have created a video personality quiz to help clients more in creating content. It will help your video to convert, and your target audience will see your sincerity as it aligns with your values. Recommendations on Content Creation[21:12]Nina recommends having a strategy and a content calendar. A content calendar can be composed of current promotions and activities of the business, events in the world, or society. Nina shared how they are currently promoting their Bootcamp. Aside from that, she makes sure share something about the video personality test once a week or thrice per month. Creativity[25:05]It’s essential to have a structure in creativity because it creates boundaries. If there are no boundaries, then there is no creativity. You should also be flexible with your content. Closing Remarks[29:58]You don’t necessarily need fancy equipment to shoot a video for marketing purposes. You can use your smartphone to start things off.Learn more about Nina by visiting:

Revenue Accelerator with Sabrina Victoria

Season 2022, Ep. 714
In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Sabrina Victoria, Founder and Executive Director at Human Better 365. Sabrina hosts three podcasts. All of them are on human transformation and the drive to do better than you did before. As we chat with Sabrina, she shares her ideas on how to be a successful business and continue improving as an established entrepreneur today.Procrastination[01:19]People put things off in various ways, and their decisions to do so can be influenced by several considerations. Several different circumstances can cause people's procrastination. But to get past procrastination, one has to push through the reasons one gives themselves.Negative Events Affecting Success[05:47]Trauma is a persistent cycle that runs through a person's head, preventing them from discovering or developing the potential inside them. As a result, trauma is one of the most significant reasons why individuals procrastinate.[06:45]Some are born leaders and others who are born followers. Some may have heard that they are overwhelming. However, consider it a compliment because that particular characteristic may be what attracts potential clients.Working Things Out[10:29]People have diverse life experiences at different ages. Occasionally, a particular trait from our past manifests itself in our lives today, which can be frightening. However, as we get older, we learn so much more, so don't be afraid to take a step ahead because you are not alone.[17:26]People can work on moving past their traumas in a variety of ways because everyone has different preferences. Remember that the things that people must do must also be something that they love doing as part of their job and lives.Discover how Sabrina Victoria runs through human transformation by visiting:

Revenue Accelerator with Alison Tedford

Season 2022, Ep. 726
In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Alison Tedford, a business consultant and author specializing in inclusive communications. She did work in the public service around creating inclusion for indigenous people within the federal prison system. Today, Alison discusses inclusiveness and communications, their respective origins, and how they interact.Telling Someone’s Story[00:45]When you think about storytelling and the role of a storyteller, you have to recognize the historical relationships that your subjects have had with who tells their stories, how they're represented in media, how their narratives are framed, and what level of consent they've experienced when their stories are told. It's important to consider when you're telling stories about people who are either different from you or share your identity. Writing Isn’t Just Writing[03:54]It involves relating, mediating, translating, and interest-based negotiation. Sometimes, you have to be able to come back to a subject and say, I understand why these things are important to include. We need to figure out how to share that with an audience who might not have the same frame of reference and knowledge base. [04:50]Things can be factually accurate. But the aspects of a story that are emphasized and how things are positioned can make a difference in how people feel.Inclusion Value[08:19]When you are inclusive, you create many more opportunities for people. It's important not to engage in perfectionism to the point where you continue to exclude people who haven't had opportunities. You need to do the best that you can to create a space that is going to accommodate people.[10:31]What are your values? Who do you want to include? If somebody comes across your website if somebody comes across your work, experiences, your services, how would they be able to see those things? If those things aren't things you can articulate, or aren't built into your processes or language, then that's something to evaluate if things need to shift and research what people need. And how might you need to do things differently?[16:02]It's good to be clear about where you stand and understand who your people are and what they care about. Diversity Inclusion Statement[22:19]It's something that should be a living document. It shouldn't be something that you copy and paste because the way you include people might change over time because norms and expectations can change. Technology can change, and there are lots of different aspects that will change over time. So it's important to be current with your statements so that people know what to expect.Conclusion[25:10]Regarding diversity inclusion, sometimes people are afraid because they think they will be lectured and made to feel bad about themselves. It's not about guilt; it's about growth. We're all humans conditioned by our environments, and there's a lot of messaging out there that we internalize just being people. When we know better, we can do better.Discover more about Alison Tedford by visiting: