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Revenue Accelerator with Susan Gold

Season 2022, Ep. 127
It is critical for a business to attract the right clients to grow. To be successful in business, you must serve the right clients. Susan Gold, a marketing strategist and founder of Susan Gold Coaching, joins us on this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast. In my chat with Susan, she shares with us the steps she took to find the right clients and convert them into sales and revenue. Susan’s Early Days[01:24]Susan learned about marketing before the digital world existed. She had been in the corporate world for about 30 years and had previously worked in advertising agencies. Susan believes that the primary goal of marketing should be to connect with the right clients. In the previous companies where she worked, however, it was all about doing what the company wanted or what the other departments didn't want.The Deep Feeling[03:52]Your business is not all about you. It’s about how you can attract clients and earn revenue. Susan often asks her clients to make a list of their customers and rank them according to how they are making them happy. They also analyze the business’ previous strategies and margin rankings.Creating Influx of Ideal Clients[05:55]Getting a business’ ideal clients has always been a problem. One of the great marketing channels you can use is networking. Find the right network with about 60%-70% of your ideal clients. Otherwise, you need to change rooms as it is not the right network for you.[08:08]Stop bringing prospective clients to you. It will cost you a lot of money. Instead, go to where they already gather. You must know who your ideal clients are to know which network is right for you.Getting your Prospect’s Attention[09:27]You must ensure that you can highlight the skills and changes that you can bring to improve the association. Engage with people and find ways through workshops and presentations.[12:07]You can go to your prospect's referral partners and find out the meetings, associations, and other things that they go on. This will enable you to discover the different network rooms you may enter.Leveraging the Right Channels and Engaging with Them[14:12]Creating visibility doesn’t automatically get you leads and sales. You must engage with them and determine what their pain points are. These pain points are your prospects’ clients that need to be solved. This is where your role comes in. You must introduce to the client how you can contribute to this particular pain point and what value you bring.The Things a Business Owner Must Do[16:30]You should keep track of who your clients are. Aside from thinking if you are a good fit for them, you must also think if they are a good fit for you in terms of revenue and margin. You must also know who referred them. This is to ensure that they are well-taken care of.Closing[21:18]Find out who your ideal clients are and learn where they came from. You must understand their pain points to know how you can help them.Discover how Susan Gold helps businesses with their strategies:

Revenue Accelerator with Ryann Dowdy

Season 2021, Ep. 1209
In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Ryann Dowdy. Randy has 15 years of corporate sales experience and is now an entrepreneur. She's passionate about transforming people's perceptions of sales, empowering business owners and salespeople, and giving potential clients an authentic sales experience. Today, Ryann shares her powerful ideas about sales and how someone could learn to embrace the sales culture wholeheartedly, disregarding the negative feeling associated with deals.About the Guest[01:02]Ryann began her sales career and immediately realized that PR and sales were remarkably similar, except that sales paid a commission when someone answered yes. She started selling radio advertising at the age of 21 and worked her way up the sales ladder, from individual contributor to regional sales trainer to national sales trainer to Channel Sales Manager before retiring as the Director of Sales for a digital marketing firm.Negativity on Sales[02:45]Why do so many people despise sales? Or, alternatively, what exactly is it that we're afraid of? It arises from the fact that we've all been sold something that didn't seem right. To make a long story short, we've developed this odd perception about sales. Some of our feelings about sales stem from how we were sold.Be Appreciative Of The Success of Others[06:47]How do we escape the comparison trap? We must learn to applaud others. When we can get to that space where we are cheering people on, it changes the entire comparison trap because we no longer ask why they have something that we don't. There is enough for everyone, and we genuinely need to make that mental change.The Barriers to Six to Seven Figure Revenues[15:24]The most significant mindset barrier in sales is the bottleneck issue on the trip from six to seven; it's typically the final item on people's to-do list. That is what keeps us there: the desire to preserve control and do everything in the conviction that your clients will only buy from you. We're unwilling to let go, we're opposed to outsourcing, or there's this false narrative that it's not going to work if it's not you; nobody will want to buy from anyone else. As a result, we find ourselves hesitating and waiting.Transactional vs. Relationship Marketing[24:36]It's all about connecting on a human level. However, are your clients satisfied? Are their needs met? These are the questions that must be asked. You must question yourself: Is this what you desire? Nobody but you is judging you. There's this external thing where we believe we're constantly comparing ourselves to the person we could be. However, if we continue to do so, we will always fall short or continue to compare ourselves to someone else. It's just a matter of being present, being in the moment, and taking pleasure in the process.Nuggets of Wisdom[28:41]The only people you must answer at the end of the day are yourself and your higher power, whatever that may be for you—and taking full ownership of it. We'd be more successful at being honest with ourselves and knowing what we want if we looked inwards at ourselves and our Creator and how and why we were created. When you're in that position of power, you're not afraid to send that message, reach out to that person, follow up, write that article, and do all of those revenue-generating activities because nothing is frightening when you're fully aligned.

Revenue Accelerator with Tracy Pohlmann

Season 2022, Ep. 120
In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Tracy Pohlmann. Tracy is an award-winning speaker, certified trainer, entrepreneur, and personal image expert. She has assisted over 9,000 women in creating a stylish and professional personal image to advance their careers and attract their ideal customers. Today, we will dive deep into what Tracy is doing so her clients can feel great about the way they look, no matter their age, or shape, exude more confidence, and create an impression that makes them shine in their careers.Why is it important to pay attention to what we have on and what it does for your business?[1:06]People often just throw on clothes without much thought or consideration for how they make you feel. Whatever happens, it's important to look good.[2:42]Anytime you have a new outfit, even though it’s not new, it’s newly created, which generates a lot of excitement and fun. It can make you feel like you’re on cloud nine.Why is it important to have a personal image and branding align with you?[5:15]In this day and age, there’s a lot of noise. You’re showing up on zooms with many people. So how will you stand out? Other people are curious about you. Many people are struggling to figure out how they dress now compared to how it was before. Tracy always asks people, who are your ideal customers and clients? Because maybe that’s what you need to do.Styling[7:53]Learn how to dress for your body shape. There is no such thing as a perfect body. Face is a good feature. How could you wear certain colors to draw attention up and away from unwanted areas? It helps people see themselves in a new light. Also, the type of purse you should carry is determined by your body. To learn how to dress for that body shape, you start looking at those things.[10:01]It’s not about body shame or anything like that, and it’s learning how to dress.First impressions[11:53]People form an opinion of you within seven seconds of meeting you. They are determining whether they want to do business with you or whether they like you. They’re not looking at what’s on the inside or your expertise in those seven seconds. They are judging you on your appearance. Studies have shown that people are attracted to certain people and want to do business with certain people. It doesn’t mean you have to be a model, gorgeous, or anything like that. But when you put on the clothes and feel good about yourself, you stand out. You have confidence, and confidence is contagious. People want to be around confident people, and they want to do business with them.Leveraging style, scaling your business, and generating more revenue[15:29]One of the things you really need to look at is Who are you trying to attract? How do you want to be perceived? Understanding your style personality is important because everyone has a style.[17:09]Tracy likes to strictly look at her clients’ styles and what colors look good on them to help them create something they love.Learn more about Tracy Pohlmann at:

Revenue Accelerator with Michael DeLon

Season 2022, Ep. 113
In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, our guest is Michael Delon. He is the president of Paperback Expert, which helps business owners publish a book that positions them as experts in their field. Business owners seek Michael to clarify their brand strategies, make them bestselling authors, and set up their profitable podcast. They use their Credibility Marketing strategies to gain more clients, get more referrals, and grow their revenue. Since 2013, Michael has worked with business owners across the United States and internationally to establish and market their credibility.The Common Struggle for Business Owners[01:08]Business owners struggle with marketing because there are so many shiny objects, and they get confused and stagnate. Michael helps these business owners clarify their brand strategies. He shares that there is a reason for what you do if you have a story. When that story is told properly, it sets you apart from everybody else.What does credibility have to do with branding?[02:11]Credibility is what people have to know about your brand to like and trust you. What happens in marketing can happen in the minds of your audience, and it’s how they think about you.Positioning your Brand and Credibility in the Marketplace[07:40]It starts with your clear branding and story. Everywhere Michael goes, he tells his story of escaping prison and being a foster parent. He knows that somebody is going to connect with his stories. He says that understanding his whole story is the seed that has grown into his company, the Paperback Expert.What is Marketing?[11:22]What makes you choose one restaurant over the other three that offer the same type of food? It’s the experience. It’s the people around you. They’re going to buy you much more than they are whatever you do. Marketing is everything you do to gain and retain a client.Tug of War[16:01]There is a tug of war that we all fight with. One is time vs. money. Time is the commodity when resources are running out. When you help a business owner save some time, they’re going to give you their money because that’s a valuable resource that can’t be replaced. The other tug of war is intellect vs. emotion.Offering Micro-trainings[20:39]Michael sends out a daily email to his list. He wants people to know, like, and trust him. He stays in touch with that list and sends out daily emails. Doing that lets him position himself in the minds of his clients regularly. When you start offering those regularly to your list who listen to you every day, you’re going to convert those people who are on your database. How to Draw People to You[26:03]It’s a lot like the ocean to walk go to the beach, you look at the ocean, and there are waves and currents. The consistency of who you are, how you show up, and what you say is the current of your credibility. That’s what’s going to draw people to youMichael’s Final Advice[28:41]Be yourself. Find out your story. Tell your story. Be you because that’s who people really want to know, and tell your story because it is essential.Learn more about Michael Delon:Website:

Revenue Accelerator with Rebecca Gebhardt

Season 2021, Ep. 1007
In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, our guest is Rebecca Gebhart. Rebecca is a sales leadership coach who guides top-performing salespeople from leaderboard to leadership. She is also the best-selling author of Beyond the Board: How to Achieve Your Vision Board Goals in a Fulfilling and Sustainable Way and a Certified Kolbe Consultant. Today, she talks with us on how to accelerate sales leadership and impact recruiting, retention, and revenue.Why does the sales Industry have a high level of turnover?[00:55]You have to get paid for what you're producing. Know that people leave leaders, they don't leave companies. Another high reason for turnover is burnout. Burnout and how effective a sales leader is has an immediate impact on the sales team. Only 57% of salespeople achieve quota because their sales leader does not properly mentor them.How the Sales leadership Hierarchy Works[05:06]The higher you go in sales leadership, the more problems you deal with. The flip side of that is if the younger leaders or the people closer to the sales force were trained properly, they could handle better. They could handle the problems faster and quicker, and there wouldn't be a bottleneck. Things wouldn't have to constantly work their way up to the top so that leaders would have more time.Why People Leave Companies[07:46]Leaders aspire to be excellent. However, statistics show that only 20% of leaders are untrustworthy. When it comes to leadership and its impact on culture, if you have a great boss, people will stick with you. If they are not being developed, 85 percent of millennials will leave their jobs. They anticipate personal growth. If they don't see a path to advancement and progression, 90% of high performers will leave.The Fastest Way to Get Better[20:44]If you want to accelerate, you must first slow down. After a certain point, you can't outwork yourself to improve.Bad Feedback is Good News[23:34]We never want to be the bearer of bad news. But if the bad news or the bad feedback is seen as good news, it's actually for the betterment of you and the whole team. Build a culture where feedback is expected and wanted because we all want to continue to get better. But there are some lightning moments when people pause and think through the topics we discuss.Finding Great Leaders[29:20]Companies like to promote from within, especially people who are great with the culture. But often, organizations aren't doing the best job of letting people know that they are being pegged for leadership or the company recognizes they have no clue. You need to look at specific qualities about great leaders, and it has nothing to do with their number one rank on the leaderboard.Learn more about Rebecca Gebhart:

Revenue Accelerator with Daphne Jones and Roberta Ravella

Season 2021, Ep. 923
In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, our guest is Daphne Jones and Roberta Ravella. These two amazing women found each other and started taking action in their business with a solid message. Today, they will share how you can make more money in your business faster using effective strategies that they are using.Why Podcasting?[03:37]Podcasting allows you to present yourself as an expert. It allows you to get in front of an audience, and you are allowed to present yourself as an expert, and it’s repeatable. It’s a great way to talk about your business and help others. So you’re giving, and you’re also teaching simultaneously.Connecting to your Target Audience[06:03]Connecting to the ideal client persona is about knowing who responds to you on your platforms. Go into the comments to see what your audience is talking about. Then find out what media they are most present to get your message out there. See what people are talking about you and put yourself out there.Content Creation[10:35]There is only one method to content creation, and it is just getting it out. Use the time you have to think and mull about what is happening in your life and the world. Go for the questions that you are always answering for your clients.Produce the Right Content[21:28]Whatever your business is, it is okay that you don’t get everybody because you don’t want everybody. You just have to give your authentic voice out there. If you’re having problems producing content, you’re trying to fit into something you don’t want. So just be you because the folks that want to do business with you will find you. If you’re producing content that’s you, it’ll resonate, and they’ll talk to you. You will get more content out and even dictate your business as to what you’re producing for them.How to attract the right audience[27:28]Attracting your people isn’t all just via computer social media, and it’s getting out and suggesting to people. You must go out and listen to what other people are talking about and just hang out so that you can also share what you have to offer. Talk to people and listen to what they have to say, then you can share your content.B2B vs. B2C[30:15]There is a difference between B2B and B2C in terms of engagement. In the B2C world, people tend to be very clear on what they will buy. When you engage and call someone, it’s kind of a given that that conversation will be steered somehow. In a b2b world, it feels more like dating, and someone will activate an action. But what’s common in both worlds is that clients come to you in crisis. People don’t realize that or own that most clients come to you when they are in a severe pain point.Changing your Money-Game[41:55]If you want to look at what marketing strategies have worked overtime, check out what real estate agents are doing. If it’s a podcast, sit down and get started. It’s about changing your money game.Learn more about Daphne Jones and Roberta Ravella:

Revenue Accelerator with Cory Carter and Ron Cool

Season 2021, Ep. 916
In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, our guest is Cory Carter and Ron Cool. They are the Founders of Hindsight Hacking Media, an interactive + engagement agency that guides and nurture companies to help them focus on impacting the world around them. Cory and Ron go both ways regarding what they do with podcasting. And today, they will share how you can have success with podcasting.What people don’t know about podcasting[01:40]People don’t realize that they think they will have listeners when they launch a podcast right away. If you can launch the best proper way, hit the charts, get the algorithms working in your favor, that can have the long-term effect for a successful podcast. Many podcasters also lack consistency, which is the first way a podcast could fail. People are hung up on the “perfect” mentality even before the podcast starts.Differentiating Different platforms[05:41]If you do a Facebook Live, download it. Do any edits you want, put an intro and an outro on it, and put it on iTunes. And then the same thing with the YouTube, put some graphics on it and set the right thumbnail. So you have your how to have what you’re talking about, the little caption, and put it on YouTube. Remember that a podcast must be everywhere as much as possible.Importance of an Intro and an Outro[07:01]People react to things in different ways. Learning enables you to hit them in various aspects, and you’re meeting your listener where they want to be met. An intro and an outro is a commercial about the show and your product, and it’s a call to action to go check out your stuff after they’ve listened to it.Podcasting Strategies that WORK[11:38]Most businesses are built on relationships, whether one-to-one or one-to-many. Cory and Ron’s main revenue stream with podcasting is their direct relationship with guests, and having guests on their shows lets them build relationships.Repurposing and Recasting Content[18:44]Repurposing content is getting tidbits or things out to people that will truly benefit them to get them unstuck or move forward. And a recast is no different, which allows you to talk about things differently than other podcasters would. So it’s a great way to keep you as a subject matter expert.Just Be Real[22:23]Wherever the conversation goes, just be real and don’t try to add the fluff. Just have some fun in the real conversation. And if you’re interviewing people, just have fun with the conversations with your guests. If any of those guests get off track, reel them back in to keep it away from stuff that’s not as important for your show.Getting your Voice Heard[34:21]Start getting your voice out there. Find a way to repurpose, so if you’re already doing a consistent Facebook Live, find a way to repurpose it. There’s a way to make it, so you go all the places with that content. Get that message out there. You don’t have to have the big studio setup. You can do it at a low cost. So just then, get your message out thereLearn more about Cory Carter and Ron Cool at:

Revenue Accelerator with Josh Koerpel

Season 2021, Ep. 916
Do you hold yourself responsible for your actions? What actions do you take when you don't meet your own "requirements"? Your willingness to be judged on your performance is referred to as accountability. You need someone to hold you accountable when you set a standard for yourself and fail to meet it. But who is that person, exactly? What if I told you that a particular app can adapt and evolve in response to your actions? Joshua Koerpel, our today's guest, created the Firebuilders app. Listen in as we discuss everything you need to know about accountability and what inspired him to create the app.Advice for those who are stuck in their routines[10:32]If you're stuck in a rut, Joshua suggests thinking about the opposite and doing it. Expect it to feel strange because it is the polar opposite of what you normally do. But keep in mind that it's not all bad. As a result, see how doing the opposite affects your mental state.Keeping the “Energy” going[12:55]Joshua believes that it’s easy for people to say, “Well, you just have to find something that you enjoy and do it.” The biggest problem with that statement is people believing that it’s true. However, most of them don’t have the energy to do what they want—at least, that’s what they believe. Joshua, however, argues that people have a lot more energy than they give credit to themselves.[15:51]When people are given a choice, it’s much easier not to do it than to do it. Even though we still have the energy, we lean more toward preserving it than using it.What is Firebuilders and what does it do?[18:35]Joshua built Firebuilders to eliminate people’s tendency to hesitate. Although there are various accountability apps, a core component is missing—emotional connection. Most accountability apps felt like a machine, and they failed to connect with the person they should hold accountable.[21:48]Anyone who builds anything knows that the actual thing that solves the problem is 10%, while 90% is figuring out all the weird and interesting ways people will misuse the tool you have created.[28:42]If things get repeated constantly, people will get desensitized to it. That is one thing Joshua doesn’t want happening to Firebuilders. Thus, he made Firebuilders adaptive and evolved according to the person’s, the one being held accountable behavior. Because it morphs into your behavior, you develop a working relationship with it.[34:47]Firebuilders address the problem of scalability.What should coaches and business owners look into?[36:34]As a coach or business owner, your most valuable asset is understanding the insights of your clients in your tribe. Feedback is crucial as it allows you to gain verbatim insights into their goals and what hinders them from achieving it. Feedback is the “Bible” of your business.Parting Words[44:34]Bernard Moitessier once said,“A lot of you are probably creating something new and you can’t get bogged down with not knowing how to do it. Then, letting that distract you into all these other shiny objects. What’s going to happen is that the work will teach you the work.”Essentially, Joshua believes that you will not know everything from the get-go, you will have to figure it out along the way, and you’ll be fine.Learn more about Joshua Koerpel on:Website:

Revenue Accelerator with Kim D. Snyder

Season 2021, Ep. 905
In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Kim Snyder, a business profit expert and the founder and owner of Online Marketing In A Box since 2010. Kim spent 20+ years consulting for Fortune 500 companies on business growth, strategy, and transformation, and she conducts keynotes, training, and facilitation for business leaders and business owners. Today, Kim shares her insights on how speaking can generate leads into your business.The World of Speaking Gigs[01:13]Kim left her corporate job in August 2018. And she took a few months off, and she knew that she wanted to speak, and when she had time, Kim decided to speak at conferences at events. Six months later, she decided to put her own event.[03:16]She attended every networking event regardless it was for men or women; it didn’t matter. Kim was standing up to speak and making a little announcement, or they would bring me up to the front of the room. And so people got to know her quickly by promoting that event. She loves to help people is what it is. And that’s the medium, so she was going out, and then she will monetize this because she has left her corporate job and needs to make money.The System[05:57]Kim formulated six systems for her program, and she had to find the places to speak; she had to figure out what they needed. So she could get booked. And Kim couldn’t take forever because we’re all busy business owners, she says. She wanted to generate leads.Follow - up[07:12]Kim has a target audience, they have a need, and she can feel the need. She needs to figure out if it’s a right fit. Kim was moving people to a conversation. Those are my leads; she would like physical as a digital girl and gadget girl. She still likes the printed paper when she can, and she has techniques to do it online that work as well. But it is that follow-up.Speaking for leads[10:17]Kim wants another marketing stream. Unfortunately, businesses that are getting to that six to seven-figure have been in business probably three to five years at least. And they’re relying on the frills word of mouth. You always need to keep going out there. And this is a natural way to do it. Because it’s already experienced people, you’re having these conversations either one-on-one or in a group with your clients. The comfort it provides doesn’t teach you how to speak. It is taking what you already have and morphing it into a conversation.Potential leads after speaking[16:35]You have to ask questions throughout. You can’t just ask them the same way. You have to make it interesting for them and yourself. Slow down, give less information to allow him for conversations and engagement. Tell them it’s going to be interactive, don’t just talk to them.Be Engaging[19:34]There are ways that you can do it that are super engaging so that it just shows that you’re different, that you know your material. And then hopefully, there’s a fit, and the process that we have at the end is to ask people. It’s a soft lead process. So you do not see off the organizer, but it’s also serving you because it is an hour of your time.Are you asking?[23:46]Marketing is always a big touchpoint for people. Asking them the buzzwords that there are always topics that they want. And so it could be artificial intelligence, AI, it’s self-care right now, a lot of the mental clarity and health like, so those are the buzz points.Discover how Kim Snyder runs through creating processes in her business and clients by visiting: