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Revenue Accelerator with Josh Koerpel

Season 2021, Ep. 916

Do you hold yourself responsible for your actions? What actions do you take when you don't meet your own "requirements"? Your willingness to be judged on your performance is referred to as accountability. You need someone to hold you accountable when you set a standard for yourself and fail to meet it. But who is that person, exactly? What if I told you that a particular app can adapt and evolve in response to your actions? Joshua Koerpel, our today's guest, created the Firebuilders app. Listen in as we discuss everything you need to know about accountability and what inspired him to create the app.

Advice for those who are stuck in their routines


If you're stuck in a rut, Joshua suggests thinking about the opposite and doing it. Expect it to feel strange because it is the polar opposite of what you normally do. But keep in mind that it's not all bad. As a result, see how doing the opposite affects your mental state.

Keeping the “Energy” going


Joshua believes that it’s easy for people to say, “Well, you just have to find something that you enjoy and do it.” The biggest problem with that statement is people believing that it’s true. However, most of them don’t have the energy to do what they want—at least, that’s what they believe. Joshua, however, argues that people have a lot more energy than they give credit to themselves.


When people are given a choice, it’s much easier not to do it than to do it. Even though we still have the energy, we lean more toward preserving it than using it. 

What is Firebuilders and what does it do?


Joshua built Firebuilders to eliminate people’s tendency to hesitate. Although there are various accountability apps, a core component is missing—emotional connection. Most accountability apps felt like a machine, and they failed to connect with the person they should hold accountable.


Anyone who builds anything knows that the actual thing that solves the problem is 10%, while 90% is figuring out all the weird and interesting ways people will misuse the tool you have created.


If things get repeated constantly, people will get desensitized to it. That is one thing Joshua doesn’t want happening to Firebuilders. Thus, he made Firebuilders adaptive and evolved according to the person’s, the one being held accountable behavior. Because it morphs into your behavior, you develop a working relationship with it.


Firebuilders address the problem of scalability. 

What should coaches and business owners look into?


As a coach or business owner, your most valuable asset is understanding the insights of your clients in your tribe. Feedback is crucial as it allows you to gain verbatim insights into their goals and what hinders them from achieving it. Feedback is the “Bible” of your business.

Parting Words


Bernard Moitessier once said, “A lot of you are probably creating something new and you can’t get bogged down with not knowing how to do it. Then, letting that distract you into all these other shiny objects. What’s going to happen is that the work will teach you the work.” Essentially, Joshua believes that you will not know everything from the get-go, you will have to figure it out along the way, and you’ll be fine.

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Revenue Accelerator with Jennifer Levy Frye

Season 2022, Ep. 324
In this episode, our guest is Jennifer Frye. Jennifer has been in business development for her entire career, working with local and national clients of all sizes. After spending decades in business development, she knew there was a better way to approach sales than the traditional bro marketing tactics. Appreciated Asset Sales Accelerator Program offers businesses a unique consultative approach to contract them to set new business appointments with their prospect’s wish list. Aligned Approach for Cold Calling[01:47]Jennifer says you have to come first from a heart of service. Provide a solution you believe in and know you can help your customer. You have to get specific as well. Many people are nervous about narrowing down their target market and their ideal prospects, but you’ll find that the more specific you get, the narrower you get, the better results.Wrong Expectations about the Sales Efforts in a Business[03:12]Jennifer works with people who have had bad experiences within their own sales departments or external call center-type services. She doesn’t spend much time talking about what’s gone wrong in the past because she can’t compare what her client does with what she does. Jennifer created an entire paradigm shift within sales because it is within her heart of service and her focus on the solution that her clients can provide.The Paradigm Shift[05:05]In the paradigm shift, you must come from the angle of wanting to educate people. Offer a solution that you know that they need to know about. Doing that makes the entire energy shift around what you are messaging. At the end of the day, you don’t have to volley with someone. You don’t have to argue with someone. If you are arguing with someone, it’s probably not the right energy fit for you for long-term relationships. Healing the Wound[07:50]You have to get specific and direct on what your value proposition is. Be dialed in on that and not just in general terms. But with some key metrics and some KPIs, you can show that you have success stories and percentages that you’d be able to increase revenue. Then figure out how you can monetize it because the prospect will be ready for the next step of that call once it is monetized. Building the Pipeline[10:04]CRM is essential to any business. It is essential to have something to keep track of. It is really important to ensure you’re in front of the clients at the right time and that they know it’s not about your commission check this month or your sales or your numbers this month. You want to work with them in the timeline that makes sense for them, and you’ll be there. Sales is not a short-term strategy. You have to continue to do the activity and plant the seeds over and over again.How Jennifer Helps Business with Cold Calling[13:17]Jennifer works with people who are looking to grow and have a sales department in place but are not doing cold calling activities. Jennifer helps with giving her clients all the benefits of cold calling campaigns without anyone having to pick up the phone. Jennifer’s Final Thoughts[28:02]Jennifer says that cold calling is like anything else. It’s a skill; if you are uncomfortable, it’s because you’re learning to grow. She encourages people to try it, especially business owners. Try to see what objections people are saying. See what people are saying so you can better train and prepare your team to want to go out and do the same.Get Jennifer’s free pipeline assessment at

Revenue Accelerator with Christine McAlister

Season 2022, Ep. 310
In this episode, our guest is the Queen of Podcast Guesting, Christine McAlister. Christine is a media coach and strategist, passionate about helping impact-driven entrepreneurs attract their next-level clients by being value-driven podcast guests. She’s generated six figures for herself and has helped people do the same for themselves. She is recognized as the best in the world at podcast guesting by seven-figure founders like John Lee Dumas and Dana Wilde. Today, Christine will talk about podcast guesting, how to start a podcast, and how you can monetize your podcast and connect with people.Christine’s Purpose[01:55]Christine tends to attract people who are very heart-centered and mission-driven. She loves to do the work where she helps people own their greatness. Her business is in honor of her late daughter. Christine’s working on a mission to elevate consciousness by helping important voices become heard.Podcast Guesting[03:55]Christine says that no one likes being used. Being a podcast guest is about understanding your story, which not only empowers you. The host wants to create a relationship with you, which facilitates opportunities.How Podcasting Connects People[09:58]Christine finds that when it is an energetic personality fit, people become huge cheerleaders for each other. People will bring you into their masterminds or each other’s high-level programs. She thinks it is because they do not offer that service. Many people get invited into exclusive masterminds that are not advertised anywhere. They get invited if they are a perfect fit or have what they need from each other.Vulnerability[17:58]What Christine finds fascinating is that even people earning more than her are often reluctant to share vulnerably. In her case, Christine decided to start her business for the reason that requires vulnerability. People buy from people they want to be in the room. You just need to connect with people. Podcasting is a leveraged way to do it. But one should look at the main pillars for the person who wants to guest in a podcast.Create Tangible Offers[21:43]You want to offer one thing that is very tangible to the guest. You must offer one clear, free call to action at the end of each episode that created podcast offers alignment. One that makes some sense between the conversation.Connecting with a Podcast Guest from the Internet[24:35]A guest is essentially still a stranger on the internet to the audience. The psychological safety required with a stranger on the internet is like getting a first tattoo. But in that moment of your first tattoo, you will have this perception of being on a pedestal because the guest was on a podcast. If you allow the audience to create to access something that they want that doesn’t require getting over fear and that allows them to dip their toe in rather than like those skinny dipping with you, then you’re creating a much wider net because the number of people who will take you up on that.Checklist for High-Achievers[30:55]Christine’s checklist is a podcast testing checklist. It is meant to summarize and give you everything that you need to know about podcasting. You can simply grab it for free at more about Christine McAlister:

Revenue Accelerator with Donna Ashton

Season 2022, Ep. 302
In this episode of the Revenue Accelerator Podcast, we have invited Donna Ashton. She is an expert when it comes to online courses. Working for over 12 years in the field, she has encountered and helped various entrepreneurs and CEOs through her programs, and she was able to help them be successful. In this episode, Donna shares some tips on how to handle your clients and how to create a course or program for them.Working in a Leverage Space[01:30]There will be a time that you’ll need to change your strategies after hitting your initial goals. Donna helps her clients to expand even more from what they’ve already achieved by establishing a more leveraged program and model. Business will be studied to determine what strategies are working and what should be done to improve for better results.How Donna Helps to Get Better Results[04:11]Donna offers a premium course, which is a hybrid program that is a combination of modules and coaching. Clients will read and study the modules and contact her for concerns and clarifications.[07:39]Most people get into business because they want to work at their own time and convenience. They want to have freedom and be their own boss. Donna teaches her clients to bring work and life balance in their lives.[11:40]Donna incorporates the issues that her clients face into her content. This guarantees that she can provide a solution and assist her clients.Undoing the Perpetual Hustling Modality[14:10]The transition from working corporate to establishing a business makes you think that you are still required to work for at least 8 hours. In reality, you don’t have to work that hard, especially if you’re already done with the things you have to work on. According to Donna, the pandemic may have possibly helped them realize that a 1 hour meeting can just be done within 20 minutes.Working Goals[19:39]Instead of just focusing on the sales, you must also focus on how you can solve your clients' problems. Focus on bringing results to them. If you’re helping people to get results, this will reflect positively on you and may lead to getting better sales.Indicators to Revamp and Create a New Course[22:48]It is important to have an established business. In doing courses or programs, you can update your course from time to time. This ensures that the lessons are still useful to the clients, and this helps the clients be updated on what they should do next.Conclusion[27:03]You must try and update everything first before deciding to throw it all away and start from scratch in your business. You should also do group engagement sometimes as it helps get some insights from various people.Get a free Simplify & Scale Template from Donna Ashton here: