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Advisor-First vs. Firm-First Mentality Featuring David Karr Episode 42

Season 1, Ep. 42

Does the home office know what’s happening in the field? Join us as we explore this topic with financial advisor turned chairman of Equitable Advisors, David Karr. We dive into advisor-first mentality vs. firm first mentality, what the future holds for our profession with insights from the home office, and the increasing demand for great advisors and what companies like Equitable are doing to attract and support them.

David, Adam & Derek discuss:

  • How strong advisors that are really connected to their clients hold all the cards
  • Clients have never had higher expectations from their advisor
  • A great deal of support and infrastructure is needed for advisors to thrive, how are advisors going to put together their people, process, and tech?
  • The holistic approach is how we best serve our clients and advisors (life coaching program partnership between Equitable and Columbia university)
  • Recognizes the expectations of end consumers as the key: Regular and frequent basis for communication
  • And lots more!


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Wednesday, May 3, 2023

46. Communicating your higher calling featuring Chuck Garcia

Season 1, Ep. 46
How well do you communicate your higher calling as a financial advisor? Communication is an art form that starts when we seek to understand ourselves and those we are talking with. Join us as we chat with master communicator Chuck Garcia who spent many years on Wall Street as well as leading communications for global companies like Bloomberg. Chuck tells us how what happened on 9/11 changed his life and his journey as a mountaineer that helped him find understanding. Learn how to become a better communicator with not just your clients, but friend and family too.Chuck, Adam, and Derek chat about:How you can't change the circumstances in front of you, but you can change yourselfHow most people don't really understand "financial advice" and the importance of educating before advisingSlowing down to seek understanding and that you don't have to agree, or get louder, to have an understandingCommunicating your higher calling as a financial advisor with your clientsGratitude for life, experiences, and survivalAnd a lot more!Resources:Connect with Chuck Garcia on LinkedInFollow Chuck Garcia on TwitterCheck out Chuck’s websiteGet Chuck’s bookFollow RethinkFA on LinkedInListen to RethinkFA on YouTube PodcastsApply to be a guest on the RethinkFA Think TankConnect With Adam Holt:Schedule an Asset-Map DemoAsset-Map LinkedIn: Adam HoltLinkedIn: Asset-MapFacebook: Asset-MapTwitter: Asset_MapConnect With Derek Notman:Schedule a Call with DerekConneqtorLinkedIn: Derek NotmanLinkedIn: Conneqtor Twitter: Derek NotmanTwitter: ConneqtorFacebook: Conneqtor
Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Tech and Regulation will Radically Change your Advice Delivery- Featuring Ian McKenna (Ep 45)

Season 1, Ep. 45
We are on the cusp of major change. Is virtual reality, AI or Amazon part of your future business plans? Ian’s unique perspective is global in nature and arguably one of the most diverse given his extensive travels around the world to see what people are doing, (or not), in our industry. Join us as we chat with futurist Ian McKenna and discuss the future of financial advice delivery and what advisors need to think about to stay relevant today.Ian, Adam & Derek discuss:One of the hardest things an advisor needs to do is help clients visualize the lifestyle their preparing for (VR can help do this very easily)A lot of advisors and the companies they represent are not adapting their commercial models to stay in business 5-10 years from now - it’s time to consider reinventing how we charge clients (especially the younger generation)why is the US life insurance industry is 40 years behind the rest of the worldA symbiotic relationship between regulation and tech needs to exist to really achieve the highest levels of regulation with the latest techAmazon insurance already happening in UK (we discussed this over a year ago, it’s coming to a computer near your clients)AI financial advice will be here in less than a decade AND using VR GlassesAnd lots more!Resources:Connect with Ian McKenna on LinkedInFollow Ian McKenna on TwitterLearn more about the Financial Technology Research CentreCheck out AdviserSoftware.comLearn more about ProtectionGuroFollow RethinkFA on LinkedInApply to be a guest on the RethinkFA Think TankRethink Podcast on YouTubeConnect With Adam Holt:Schedule an Asset-Map DemoAsset-Map LinkedIn: Adam HoltFacebook: Asset-MapTwitter: Asset_MapConnect With Derek Notman:Schedule a Call with DerekConneqtorLinkedIn: Derek NotmanLinkedIn: Conneqtor Twitter: Derek Notman
Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Ignore Marketing Data at Your Own Peril Featuring Samantha Russell (Ep 44)

Season 1, Ep. 44
Financial advisors rely on data to help their clients, but what happens when they ignore marketing data when it comes to growing their business? The advice & investment management industry & profession is at a pivotal point since they are fungible and hard for consumers to differentiate one advisor from another. There’s no longer an easy button for advisors to say they're a fiduciary, etc. to differentiate themselves. Join us as we discuss this and more with special guest and marketing expert Samantha Russell.Samantha, Adam & Derek discuss:The pivotal moment for our industryHow there are lots of gaps on what clients are getting versus what they are looking for and expectingWhat about your business is marketable?Why Health & Wealth content is so much more interesting and consumable content for people than market updatesBringing a more sensory experience to your clients with their moneyBeing the Canyon Ranch of financial wellness for your clientsAnd lots more!Resources:Fidelity Investments 2022 Investor Insights Study Edelman Financial Engines StudyHow to include your fees on your website -best practices blog postConnect with Samantha Russell on LinkedInFollow Samantha Russell on TwitterLearn more about FMG for AdvisorsFollow RethinkFA on LinkedInConnect With Adam Holt:Schedule an Asset-Map DemoAsset-Map LinkedIn: Adam HoltLinkedIn: Asset-MapFacebook: Asset-MapConnect With Derek Notman:Schedule a Call with DerekConneqtorLinkedIn: Derek NotmanLinkedIn: Conneqtor Twitter: Derek Notman