Rethink. The Financial Advisor Podcast

Rethink. The Financial Advisor Podcast

Fintech CEOs Adam Holt & Derek Notman host Rethink, the Financial Advisor podcast. With decades of real world experience as veteran and actively practicing advisors they’re rethinking what it takes to succeed as a f

Is the USA still number one in financial advice?

Ep. 29
There’s a shift underway from product-led sales processes to that of leading with advice and using advice to implement the right products at the right time for the right reasons. It can be argued that the USA has led the global industry & profession but perhaps this is not the case anymore.Adam Holt & Derek Notman bring on special guest Bekithemba (Beki) Mafulela, formerly head of Retailisation & EB Distribution at Momentum in South Africa. Beki has been in the financial advice space for over 20 years and shares his perspective on the changing financial advice landscape in SA and globally. Beki is currently transitioning into his next endeavor to help drive our industry forward. This podcast episode represents Beki’s personal views and not those of Momentum.Beki, Adam and Derek discuss:Changes driven by client needs and regulationNew client expectations out of technology advancementAdvisors needing to future proof their value proposition and stay relevantAdvisors should be upskilling their technical advice skills (CFP certification) but also their digital marketing skills to stay top of mind.The massive void and opportunity created by advisors only focusing AUM fee schedules.Resources:Follow RethinkFA on LinkedInConnect with Bekithemba MafulelaConnect on LinkedInFollow on TwitterFollow Beki on FacebookConnect With Adam Holt:Schedule an Asset-Map Asset-Map LinkedIn: Adam HoltLinkedIn: Asset-MapFacebook: Asset-MapTwitter: Asset_MapYouTube: Asset-Map Connect With Derek Notman:Schedule a Call with DerekConneqtorLinkedIn: Derek NotmanLinkedIn: Conneqtor Twitter: Derek NotmanTwitter: ConneqtorFacebook: Conneqtor 

Relatability as a Growth Strategy featuring JR Gondeck

Ep. 27
“It’s hard for two dudes to do that.”  In a male dominated industry & profession, JR shares how he led his team at The Lerner Group at Hightower to be more balanced with a diverse team of 50/50 female and male, they speak multiple languages and have a thoughtful age range of advisors to be relatable to their customers and stakeholders..Listen as JR shares his journey as an advisor and how they have thrived by rethinking how to build a diverse practice that is able to truly relate to their clients in ways that a lot of firms haven’t been able to do.Jump in and listen to how JR and his team have taken family (wealth/financial) planning for their clients to a new level by having male & female advisors support their clients and open up important conversations that typically may not be comfortable enough to have.Adam, Derek, and Travis discuss:JRs transition from transactional to planning basedJRs “giving up to grow” philosophy and embracing internships to growThoughts on transparency, health, and balanced schedules while promoting health throughout the teamJRs thoughts on crypto“It’s hard for two dudes to do that”...America’s Got Talent and Derek singing in the shower…Resources:Follow RethinkFA on LinkedInVisit the Lerner Group at HightowerConnect with JR Gondeck on LinkedInConnect With Adam Holt:Schedule an Asset-Map 888-664-8850Asset-Map LinkedIn: Adam HoltLinkedIn: Asset-MapFacebook: Asset-MapTwitter: Asset_MapYouTube: Asset-Map Connect With Derek Notman:Schedule a Call with DerekConneqtorLinkedIn: Derek NotmanLinkedIn: Conneqtor Twitter: Derek NotmanTwitter: ConneqtorFacebook: Conneqtor YouTube: Derek Notman 

Are the Right People Building Fintech? (Ep 25)

Ep. 25
It is quite possible that the next generation of advisor fintech will be shaped by professionals and not engineers and enterprise executives. The highest adopted tools today are being brought to market by professionals who solved a niche problem for themselves. In this episode, Adam Holt & Derek Notman dig into the shapers of the future of fintech. Adam and Derek share their personal experiences of starting Fintech companies, from the first moment of realization that there was a problem to solve, through field testing and idea honing, right through to future proofing and wondering, what comes next? Adam and Derek discuss:Why adoption is the new innovationWho is designing the solutions to financial advisors' problems?Derek shares how Conneqtor went viralAdam explains the problem he hoped to solve for himself with Asset-MapHow the best innovations come from field testing Are all-in-one platforms going to solve all advisor problems?Resources:Follow RethinkFA on LinkedInEpisode 9: Rethink: Advisor, Adviser or Advicer – featuring Michael KitcesEpisode 20: The Risk of Advisor Complacency Featuring Aaron Klein     Connect With Adam Holt:Schedule an Asset-Map Asset-Map LinkedInLinkedIn: Asset-MapFacebook: Asset-MapTwitter: Asset_MapYouTube: Asset-Map Connect With Derek Notman:Schedule a CallConneqtorLinkedInLinkedIn: Conneqtor TwitterTwitter: ConneqtorFacebook: Conneqtor YouTube: Derek Notman