Remote Space


The Family Tech Guru

Ep. 12

In today’s tech world, remote work is part of an overall remote lifestyle. From smart home devices that can lock doors, turn on lights, and set your thermostat, to digital apps that help your entire household stay organized, remote work is a welcomed addition to life in the digital age.

In this episode of Remote Space, host Doug Thomas chats with tech guru Sarah Kimmel, a digital parenting coach and owner of Family Tech. Drawing from her 16 years of experience in supporting companies as an IT manager, Sarah talks to us about the benefits of upgrading your entire space into a smart home to fit a remote work lifestyle. Sarah also discusses her views on using tech to stay in shape, the positives of introducing children to cell phones at a young age, the importance of unplugging from our devices every night, and even tech gift ideas!


Sarah Kimmel - Website, LinkedIn

Family Tech – Website

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