Remote Space


New Life, Interrupted

Ep. 15

Congratulations, you’ve landed a new job! Minus filling out HR paperwork, your first day will be exciting as you shake hands with your teammates, get introduced to your new workspace and office equipment, and (most importantly) make the acquaintance of the coffee machine. But what if you couldn’t physically meet your coworkers to shake hands? What if your new workspace was actually your living room?

In this episode of Remote Space, Doug Thomas chats with Emily Hacker, a Threat Analyst at Microsoft. Emily recalls her first day on the job--the week Microsoft sent everyone home--from remotely participating in her new employee orientation, to meeting her co-workers over online chat. Emily describes that while her tech career started a bit differently from others, she was still able to navigate new waters and adapt to her role in helping to protect businesses from cyber criminals.

Listen in to find out how an experience in remote onboarding could be the thing of the future.


Emily Hacker – LinkedIn

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