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Keeping Parliament Running

Ep. 18

“We've got a good mixture of modern buildings with modern workstations, but when you're in the Palace of Westminster is like traveling back in time. One thing that I like to do if I am working on the estate is actually just have a walk round just to remind myself [that] this is where I work, and admire the the walls, the wallpaper, the carpet, the lighting, the paintings that are on the wall and the general architecture that is so historic and hundreds of years old.” – Winnie King

How are some of the world’s oldest institutions transforming themselves in the digital age?

In this episode of Remote Space, Doug is joined by Winnie King, Personal Assistant to the Director General of the House of Commons, and Chair of Parliamentary Admin Support Network. For more than a decade, Winnie has seen the ins-and-outs of Parliament including working at the historic estate, meeting with various officials, and even meeting the Queen! Now, as most of Parliament works remotely, Winnie shares with us her challenges in trying to gratify her personal need for human interaction while providing the same level of support to the Director General and her colleagues.

Listen in and learn how the British government is reimagining work life in the remote space.


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