Remote Space


Fairness in Remote Work

Ep. 10

The transition to remote work, while having its challenges, has also brought unexpected positive changes to the new way that we work. Now more than ever, workers from different locations around the world, who may have found it difficult to connect remotely before, are able to connect fairly throughout remote space.

In this episode, host Doug Thomas speaks with Hanna Wallach, Senior Researcher at Microsoft. In addition to her work in artificial intelligence and machine learning, Hanna also leads a group of summer interns in Microsoft’s Research program. In this episode, Hanna describes the unique ways she has connected with interns through virtual social events including yoga, painting classes, and even a cocktail making lesson. Additionally, Hanna explains how the full shift to remote work has propelled a more inclusive effort in scheduling meetings, video conferencing, and even large-scale virtual conferences.


Hanna Wallach – MSR Bio  | LinkedIn

FATE: Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, and Ethics in AI

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