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Our pubs make us happier

Season 2, Ep. 4

This week we're going to learn all about the mental wellbeing benefits of pub going or simply put - how our pubs make us happier. We will be speaking with Professor Robin Dunbar of Oxford University and beer and travel writer Will Hawkes in more detail.

Since recording, England is set to be plunged into another country-wide lockdown which is not only closing our pubs and breweries, but also limiting their ability to serve alcohol as a takeaway service. Urge your MP to remove this restriction today by visiting

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Beer design and labels

Season 3, Ep. 8
For the penultimate episode of this series, the Pubs. Pints. People. hosts are discussing beer design and labels! From pump clips to cans, a label can tell you more about a beer than just the ingredients and the ABV. An amazing piece of artwork can entice a drinker, and convey something about the brewer all at once. The first interview is with author Pete Brown, whose book Beer by Design: The art of good branding was released via CAMRA Books last November - he's chatting to host Matt Bundy. Then, we hear from Simon Yarwood of “The Epicurean”, who runs three bottle shops in Manchester, and Boz Berry from the Burton Road Brewing Company - they're speaking to Owen Ralph.Links mentioned in the episode:Check out CAMRA's social media profile picture frames: with CAMRA: involved with Beer Day Britain's #CheersToBeer on 15 June: CAMRA's newest 10 campaigning milestones: Modern British Beer: you visited CAMRA's new What's Brewing platform? Log in and sign up for news alerts here:'t forget to support the show at join CAMRA if you're not already a member for just £26.50 a year at - gain access to great audio and visual content on our Learn & Discover platform.If you'd like to get involved, simply contact or follow us on Twitter @PubsPintsPeople