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Beer heritage

Season 1, Ep. 6

Learn all about brewing and pub heritage this week! We will be sitting down with Steve Dunkley of Beer Noveau to find out how they're recreating heritage-style beers and also Geoff Brandwood, author of several CAMRA Pub Heritage guides to tell us all about what makes a heritage pub!

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Sue Nowak's recipe this week is a roast chicken paired with a vintage Fullers ale - check it out here! 

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Micropubs: COVID victim or survivor?

Season 2, Ep. 6
This week on the CAMRA podcast Pubs. Pints. People. we want to have a look at how micropubs are faring throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Have they been able to adapt to takeaways easier because they have lower overhead costs and therefore more flexible to the demands of the pandemic? Or does the fact that they're in a smaller space and usually unable to offer food mean that they've been left behind with the new restrictions?Find out as Susanna Mansfield, landlady of the station house in Durham chats with Sam from the Vessel in Plymouth. We will also hear Alison Taffs, owner of The Hop Inn interview Martin Hillier, owner of the Butcher's Arms in Kent and founder of the Micropub Association. We also have a new recipe from Sue Nowak and will hear about Rebecca Weaver about her campervan pub tour of the UK entitled 'a motorhome life of Hank and Marvin'.Sue's Cheese 'n' ale straws and biscuits recipe is available here: motorhome life of Hank and Marvin can be viewed here: can find out more about the Micropub Association here:'t forget to support the show at join CAMRA if you're not already a member for just £26.50 a year at you'd like to get involved, simply or follow us on Twitter @PubsPintsPeople