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Getting Personal on Personal Branding with Christine Gritmon

Ep. 139
In This Episode…

This week, we talk about personal branding with Christine Gritmon, a personal branding expert and senior editor of the Social Media Pulse Community. Learn how you should start your personal brand, what things to avoid, and more in this episode!

Episode Timeline

·      00:56 - Are you a coffee or tea drinker?

·      01:09 - Are there any specific coffees that you like?

·      01:44 - Can you summarize your expertise to our listeners?

·      02:17 - What are the benefits of crafting a personal brand?

·      03:53 - How should someone craft their personal brand?

·      06:08 - The toughest questions are figuring out the "why?"

·      08:17 - Should you add the "why" to choosing social media platforms?

·      10:17 - Even podcasters, in the beginning, hate the sound of their voice.

·      11:00 - It's always the first time you start it buys you.

·      11:25 - What mistakes should people avoid with their personal brands?

·      13:32 - Just like podcasts, your personal brand should have a niche.

·      15:42 - Do you recommend any tools for content?

·      21:03 - Recommend Davinci Resolve free version.

·      22:37 - Subscription models

·      23:13 - Finding alternatives to Adobe suite.

·      24:43 - Should you create a persona for your personal brand?

·      28:16 - Nobody likes perfect characters, so you should not be perfect?

·      29:28 - Using Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey.

·      34:56 - Discern when and how you should apologize.

·      37:11 - What do you think personal branding is going to look like in the next five years?

·      41:43 - Discussing Web3

·      42:12 - Being careful with cryptocurrency

·      43:11 - Fun question: If you had nothing to do all day, how would you relax?

·      45:33 - Where can people find you online?

·      46:02 - Final thoughts


Our Guest Today:

·     Christine Gritmon was our guest today.

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