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The Power of Storytelling in the PR Industry with Communications Specialist Andrew Ellison

Ep. 149
In This Episode…Host Brett Deister welcomes Andrew Ellison, a PR professional with a decade of experience working in journalism and broadcast news. Andrew talks about how the most important thing in PR is storytelling, while the ability to take in complex information and distill it down to a digestible form is also key. He discusses the pivotal roles speed and accuracy play in broadcast news, but notes that being concise and telling a story that will keep the viewer's attention is absolutely critical.  Key Takeaways:·      The importance of storytelling in PR·      Why speed is important in the broadcast news industry·      How PR agencies can help their clients get more recognition in the mainstream media·      The best way to get clients is by results·      The importance of having a small, concise team when pitching·      The importance of great storytelling and collaboration when creating a video Episode Timeline·     01:03 - Are you a coffee or tea drinker?·     01:31 - Can you summarize your expertise?·     02:53 - As a broadcaster, what do PR pros miss when telling a story?·     05:57 - What do PR pros need to understand about telling a story?·     10:19 - How do PR agencies craft the best stories to get more clients?·     12:38 - Is it better to be short and concise when pitching clients?·     14:35 - Should you craft a story when creating strategies?·     16:57 - How do PR pros get better at storytelling?·     18:24 - How do you create an engaging video?·     21:22 - Should you sometimes scrap a video because it's not good?·     22:46 - Is a smaller team better than a bigger team for collaboration?·     23:42 - Fun question: What's your favorite golf course?·     24:44 - Where can people find you online?·      24:59 - Final thoughtsOur Guest Today:●      Andrew Ellison was our guest today. Subscribe and Leave a 5 Star Review: Us!●     If you want to get involved, leave us a comment!●     Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Thanks for listening!

How to Create a Personal Brand that Stands Out from the Crowd with Personal Branding Expert Harsh Devani

Ep. 148
In This Episode…Whether you're just getting started on social media or you're looking to take your personal brand to the next level, this episode of PR 360 is for you! Brett Deister is joined by social media marketer and content creator Harsh Devani to talk about all things personal branding and social media. With over 650,000 Instagram followers and as the author of Conquer Instagram Growth, Harsh knows a thing or two about building a personal brand. Key Takeaways:1.    What is personal branding and how can it help you with your career?2.    What social media platform is best for personal branding?3.    How to create content that will help you build your personal brand4.    How to be patient and persistent when creating your personal brand. Episode Timeline00:54 - Are you a coffee or tea drinker?01:31 - Can you summarize your expertise?02:18 - What work for you when you were building your personal brand?03:13 - Should people start out focusing their time on one social network?05:02 - Are some social networks better than others for social growth or should people understand the social network?06:11 - Should people limit themselves to a certain number of social networks they manage?07:25 - Are there best practices for building a personal brand in 2022?08:56 - Talking about Elon might bring back Vine.09:41 - Should you diversify your video content using short and long-form?11:21 - Is it getting harder to create a personal brand?12:54 - How should people use their time wisely to create a personal brand?15:02 - Personal brands are scalable to the person?16:09 - Fun question: What is your favorite social network17:00 - Where can people find you online?17:16 - Final thoughtsOur Guest Today:●      Harsh Devani was our guest today.Subscribe and Leave a 5-Star Review: Us!●     If you want to get involved, leave us a comment!●     Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Thanks for listening!

The Importance of the PESO Model with PR Expert John McCartney

Ep. 147
Our Guest Today:In This Episode…PR 360 is the perfect podcast for anyone who wants to learn about the latest trends in public relations and marketing. This week, Brett Deister is joined by John McCartney, a PR professional with 20 years of experience. Together, they discuss the challenges of measuring the effectiveness of PR campaigns, the importance of the PESO model within boutique PR agencies, and the future of journalism. If you're looking for actionable advice on how to improve your PR strategy, this is the episode for you! Episode Timeline·      01:19 Are you a coffee or tea drinker?·      01:57 Can you summarize your expertise?·      02:58 Are you studying for your APR?·      04:24 - Explaining what an APR is all about?·      06:03 What is the PESO model?·      07:41 How do you get the PESO model to work with PR?·      10:05 Are there any tips to integrate the PESO model?·      12:58 Is the PESO model an advantage for small PR agencies?·      14:17 Should you look at the strengths of the brand or PR agency for the PESO model?·      16:32 Will the PESO model help or make the analytics worse?·      18:50 Is the analytic tech not there yet?·      19:42 Is there a way to fix the analytic problem?·      21:29 How can the small PR firms figure out their own formulas for metrics?·      24:53 - Are there any mediums that are going to be good for awareness campaigns?·      28:22 Are we going to see more PR pros pitch YouTubers and podcasters?·      29:37 Do you have any tips for pitching podcasters?·      31:52 Are YouTubers and Podcasters going to be the future journalists?·      33:32 Should PR pros use TikTok as a search engine for Gen Z?·      35:31 Fun question: What is your big pet peeve you want to see gone from the PR industry?·      36:38 How do you minimize mistakes when pitching journalists?·      38:04 Where can people find you online?·      38:26 Final thoughts  Our Guest Today:●      John McCartney was our guest today. Subscribe and Leave a 5 Star Review: Us!●     If you want to get involved, leave us a comment!●     Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Thanks for listening!

Tips for Creating Engaging Holiday Season Content with Content Marketing Expert Rosemary Egbo

Ep. 146
In This Episode…If creating content that will really wow your audience is at the top of your wish list this holiday season, then you need to tune in to this episode of PR 360. Our special guest this week is content marketing expert Rosemary Egbo. Listen as she and host Brett Deister discuss her top tips on creating content that is both informative and engaging.  Key Takeaways:·      How to create content for the holiday season·      The importance of using platforms like TikTok and Instagram Live·      The value of employee generated content·      How to create a content calendar Episode Timeline·     01:09 - Are you a coffee or tea drinker? ·     01:16 - Any favorite teas? ·     01:32 - Can you summarize your expertise? ·     02:46 - Do brands have to start their holiday calendar early? ·     05:22 - Are there any keys tips for creating content for the holiday season?·     08:17 - Are there any key tips for using Twitter effectively?·     10:41 - How often should brands use Twitter Spaces? ·     17:37 - Is video king this year for the holiday season? ·     19:56 - Are there any new trends this holiday season that brands need to consider? ·     24:38 - Fun question: What is your favorite holiday? ·     27:10 - Where can people find you online?·     29:18 - Final thoughts Our Guest Today:●      Rosemary Egbo was our guest today. Subscribe and Leave a 5 Star Review: Us!●     If you want to get involved, leave us a comment!●     Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Thanks for listening!

Using Storytelling to Position Yourself as a Thought Leader with Branding Expert Vivienne Okafor

Ep. 145
In This Episode…Are you an entrepreneur who is looking to craft a compelling story? Do you want to learn how to position yourself as a thought leader or become more influential? If so, then this episode of the PR 360 is for you! Today, host Brett Deister speaks with Vivienne Okafor, a content creator and storyteller who teaches entrepreneurs and service-based business owners how to clarify their brand stories and communicate them effectively to build meaningful connections online. Key Takeaways:·      How the ability to pivot can help businesses adapt and succeed·      The importance of mapping out a story before writing it·      The major role patience plays in determining the foundational elements of a cohesive message Episode Timeline·     01:13 - Are you a coffee or tea drinker?·     01:31 - Do you like a specific brand of matcha?·     02:08 - Can you summarize your expertise?·     03:18 - What is the most important takeaway when crafting your story?·     05:31 - How should entrepreneurs figure out the why?·     07:05 - Is it helpful for entrepreneurs to write a press release about themselves?·     08:22 - Is it easier or harder for entrepreneurs to tell their story?·     09:52 - Talking about creating an impactful story·     11:02 - What are the common struggles that entrepreneurs face when building their brand?·     13:20 - Are we oversimplifying content?·     15:15 - Is there anything people should know before starting their entrepreneur journey?·     16:57 - Talking about the entrepreneur journey·     19:21 - Should entrepreneurs be mindful of social media trends?·     21:45 - Should entrepreneurs understand the basics of marketing?·     23:01 - What was one of your favorite projects?·     26:14 - Fun question: Would you ever write a fictional book?·     27:38 - Where can people find you online?·     28:06 - Final thoughts Our Guest Today:●      Vivienne Okafor was our guest today.Subscribe and Leave a 5 Star Review: Us!●     If you want to get involved, leave us a comment!●     Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Thanks for listening!

Why Building Relationships with Your Community Is Key to Navigating Leaks: An Interview with Andrew McCrea

Ep. 144
In This Episode…Recent events have shown that even in an industry as big as gaming, no one is immune from susceptibility to leaks. In this podcast, PR 360 host Brett Deister discusses the implications of leaks in the gaming industry with Andrew McCrea, Public Relations Manager at Gearbox Entertainment. McCrea explains how communicators can ensure their audience is informed and able to help spread the truth in the event of a leak. Key Takeaways:·      How the gaming industry has been affected by leaks·      How leaks are unavoidable ·      The importance of having a plan in place to address leaks·      The importance of transparency in resolving a leak Episode Timeline·     01:02 - Are you a coffee or tea drinker?·     01:25 - Inflation has hit the coffee market·     01:33 - Can you explain your expertise to our listeners?·     02:44 - How can PR pros curb leaks from happening?·     06:37 - Should game developers and publishers go the 'Skate" route of messaging about the game's development?·     10:43 - Should game developers or publishers do educational content around game development?·     12:58 - Should employee relations be just as important in curbing leaks as cybersecurity?·     15:11 - What are the negative side effects of leaks?·     17:41 - Should there be a plan for leaks?·     19:34 - Should there be a tiered plan for communicating to your audience based on the impact of the leak?·     21:40 - Should we accept this as the norm?·     22:40 - What should the messaging be for leaks?·     24:45 - How can you improve employee morale when a leak happens?·     26:24 - Fun question: What's your all-time favorite game?·     27:15 - Which version of Skyrim?·     27:36 - Where can people find you online?·     27:54 - Final thoughts Our Guest Today:●      Andrew McCrea was our guest today.Subscribe and Leave a 5-Star Review: Us!●     If you want to get involved, leave us a comment!●     Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Thanks for listening!

Why Trust is Key with Content Marketing Expert Robert Rose

Ep. 143
In This Episode…In this episode, host Brett Deister interviews renowned content strategy and marketing expert Robert Rose about the value of trust and how it has shifted the PR industry. Speaking from his 30 plus years of industry experience, Robert highlights the opportunity for corporate storytellers to create a deeper level of trust with their audience through transparency and accountability. He notes that companies are moving away from being the "first” to share. Instead, it's all about being trustworthy and meaningful when sharing content, which is key to driving value to a brand.Key Takeaways:-The importance of storytelling in marketing-How PR has lost its way in recent years-The shift from brand storytelling to content distribution-How this has caused PR to become less effective-The opportunity for corporate storytellers to create a deeper level of trust with audiences-The difficulties brands face in maintaining trust with consumers-The importance of transparency and owning up to mistakes-The role of headlines and video in marketingEpisode Timeline01:13 - Are you a coffee or tea drinker?01:26 - Any favorite coffee brands?02:33 - Can you summarize your expertise?04:47 - What have you learned from advising over 500 companies?06:08 - Why has PR shifted from brand storyteller to journalist?09:13 - Is this shift because the journalism industry going bankrupt?11:21 - Should the journalism industry embrace "yesterday's news?"14:31 - Are PR pros always chasing trust?16:37 - Talking about the PayPal PR nightmare and trust19:03 - Is creating good content part of the trust?21:20 - Google is prioritizing visual aspects in their search23:22 - We are showing the customer what they need before they know it.24:53 - Testing out your web on yourself of loyal customers to get the right product to the right person.26:22 - What tools do you recommend?28:46 - Fun question: What is one thing people don't know about writing a book?30:10 - Where can people find you online? 30:36 - Final thoughts Our Guest Today:●     Robert Rose was our guest today.Subscribe and Leave a 5-Star Review: Us!●     If you want to get involved, leave us a comment!●     Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Thanks for listening!

Creating the Best SEO Strategy for B2C and B2B Companies with Ken Marshall

Ep. 142
In This Episode…In this conversation, host Brett Deister and his guest Ken Marshall discuss SEO strategy, content strategy, and the importance of understanding B2B and B2C marketing. Ken shares his background in the industry—as well as his love of coffee. The pair talk about how SEO can be used as a strategy to increase business outcomes rather than just a tactic. Ken also discusses how companies can get started with SEO and how it can be used to improve website visibility and traffic. The most effective SEO strategies, Ken notes, are those that focus on content, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and the competitive landscape, while technical aspects, such as website speed and mobile friendliness, are also important factors in ranking well on search engines. Episode Timeline01:13 - Are you a coffee or tea drinker?01:25 - Talking about Oregon Coffee01:54 - Can you summarize your expertise?03:03 - How do you do effective SEO?05:00 - How should PR pros prepare for GA4 and Google Ranking Video Content?06:34 - What have you found to be the most effective strategies for SEO?09:43 - Should part of the SEO Strategy have a Video Search?11:37 - Should PR pros take a holistic approach to SEO strategies?13:53 - Test your site on yourself, friends and family?15:40 - What are some ways businesses can use the LinkedIn Demand Generator?17:53 - Talking about LinkedIn etiquette.19:15 - Simple trick to know when someone is using an automated system.20:25 - How to be effective at generating leads on LinkedIn?22:07 - Niche or start small first, then grow?22:49 - What is the future of B2B SEO and content strategy?25:05 - What tools do you recommend?27:15 - Should businesses focus on being guests on podcasts?28:20 - If you are thinking about starting a podcast, hire a pro?29:12 - Fun question: What is one of the greatest things you've learned?30:27 - Where can people find you online?30:53 - Final thoughts Our Guest Today:●      Ken Marshall was our guest today.Subscribe and Leave a 5-Star Review: Us! ●     If you want to get involved, leave us a comment!●     Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Thanks for listening!

How to Create Inbound and OutBound Messaging for Your Customers with Mauricio Osorio

Ep. 141
In This Episode…Host Brett Deister interviews Marketing Professional Mauricio Osorio about his experience in B2C and B2B marketing. During our discussion of coffee and tea, we talk about how coffee retailers have faced supply chain and inflation issues in the past two years. To message customers about these issues, retailers have used the word 'unprecedented' to describe the current situation. Retailers have also attempted to ease some of the fears customers have about these issues. We go on to talk about the impacts of inflation on businesses and give tips on approaching customer experience - being honest and knowing your product. We also discuss SaaS and how it is important to constantly communicate the value prop of the software and how it is saving time, money, and making money for the customer. Episode Timeline01:36 - Are you a coffee or tea drinker?02:05 - Talking more about coffee02:54 - How do PR pros ease some of the inflation and stock shortage fears05:00 - Is there a way to message it in a more positive light?07:34 - How can PR pros message their value for SaaS?11:42 - Should there be a more flexible payment system for SaaS?13:16 - How do you create great customer experience?16:03 - Will there be more automation?18:05 - Should There be experts within the PR department?20:10 - How do you measure to see how your initiatives are doing?23:47 - is it up to the Marketing Managers to create the core responsibilities?25:05 - Dividing up core responsibilities for extra?27:38 - What are some ways that PR pros can work with marketers?31:24 - The PR industry has a messaging problem?33:09 - How much more is PR and marketing jobs going to be blurring lines?35:06 - Fun question: Where's the next place you are going to travel?35:58 - Where can people find you online?36:36 - Final thoughts Our Guest Today:·     Mauricio Osorio was our guest today.Subscribe and Leave a 5-Star Review: Us!●     If you want to get involved, leave us a comment!●     Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn! Thanks for listening!