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Breaking into PR with Dominique Turner

Ep. 222

Dominique Turner is a Strategic Communications and Public Relations professional working for Bloomreach, an AI-powered e-commerce platform. She also serves as the Marketing Director for Ballet & Books, a non-profit organization striving to reduce the literacy gap through the hybrid storytelling of dance and reading. Here, she discusses how she got into PR after graduating from Cornell in 2020 and the big impact AI will have on retail. 

Key Takeaways:

- How to break into PR

- The benefits that young people can bring to the PR world

- The future of AI in retail

Episode Timeline:

1:30 Dominique's favorite NYC restaurant

3:00 How did Dominique break into PR after college?

6:00 Tod shares his internship story

9:00 The benefits that young people can bring to a PR company

10:20 Morning Brew's Marketer's Guide to AI event

13:00 How AI is transforming retail

16:30 Dominique's "Read Receipts" podcast

18:45 Tod's diet plan

This episode’s guest:

• Dominique Turner on Instagram

• Dominique Turner on LinkedIn

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  • 221. Building a Female-Centered PR Consultancy with Nicole Pence Becker

    Nicole Pence Becker has over 15 years of experience in journalism, communications, media production, social media, and public relations. In 2017, she founded Pence Media Group, an all-female, full-service public relations, media, and marketing consultancy that works with start-ups to Fortune 500s. Here, she discusses how she built her own agency out of necessity and some of her noteworthy clients. Key Takeaways:- How Nicole built a female-centered PR consultancy- Lessons learned working in politics- Nicole's transition from broadcast journalism to PREpisode Timeline:2:46 Nicole's background in journalism4:00 Why did Nicole move from broadcast journalism to PR?7:00 Nicole's work as her father's Communications Director on his Congressional campaign8:15 Lessons Nicole learned in politics10:15 How Pence Media Group disrupted the comms world12:30 Clients come to PMG for the female touch14:20 PMG's work for Pluie16:30 PMG was perfectly positioned for COVID18:00 How PMG's collective shared experiences are its strength20:30 PMG's work for SweetgreenThis episode’s guest:• Nicole Pence Becker on Instagram• Pence Media Group on InstagramSubscribe and leave a 5-star review: Us!
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