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Podshambles 47: The Small Council

The Shamblexam results are back from the Poderators. Congratulations - you Cast. Now you can finally follow your dreams and become a qualified cannon instructor. What happens in this episode? WELL LET ME TELL YOU. Laurie manages to read Glamour magazine for a surprisingly long time, Paddy is faced with his last day on Earth, Laurie then considers moving to Berlin and Paddy decides that most of his important memories are just about Babe: Pig In The City. Also featuring a guest appearance from everyone's favourite miniature government - The Small Council. Pour yourself a Guinness, then poison it, then give it Awful Peter - it's Podshambles.

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  • Podshambles 60: Focko's Village (Season Finale)

    It's the cinematic release of 'Shamble-Men: Pods of Future Cast'. The passable mutant X-Boys have wrapped another season and oh lordy lordy do they deserve your praise!THIS TIME: Waddle-Race Bronze Medallists Paddy & Laurie are back with none of the fond memories of Season 3. Do Laurie's actions constitute fraud? Will Paddy be allowed back into Austria? And the eternal question - how do you choose between an initial three eggs and another egg that is also sentient? Disappoint that Mother Bear, hide your SHAME from the village elder, and always make sure the mics are off before loudly complaining about your listeners - it's Podshambles 60.
  • 60. Podshambles 59: Hey Piggy! Tired Hams

    A light is Cast over the Shamblehorizon and two wiggling Podies emerge relatively unscathed from the wreckage of history. Podshambles has returned, but should they have bothered?THIS TIME: 'Best Podshambles Hosts' winners every year for the past six years Paddy & Laurie are back with all the lukewarm gossip you never asked for. Fresh from their new podcast 'Idle Fantasy' - these piggies ain't got no tired hams. Is Paddy the new Aesop? Has Laurie found the world's best mountain? What ever became of Ted-d20 and Coy Carp?Lock up your mind-palace, blame your crimes on the nearest dog, and please listen to your futurefuture selves - it's Podshambles 59.
  • 59. Podshambles Presents: Idle Fantasy

    A rumble in the deep - the Podbeast awakens, Casting a cataclysmic Shambleshadow across this broken land. Podshambles has returned!THIS TIME: It's a little different. Laurie and Paddy shatter all your expectations and announce that more Podshambles is coming - but they're also introducing you to something new. Idle Fantasy.Idle Fantasy is a new Dungeons&Dragons podcast that the Shamebletodgers do with Zac Cole and Liam Welton. It's all kicking off over there, so we thought we'd share this episode with you to see what you think. We hope you like our adventures.NEXT TIME: Just straight up brand new Podshambles.Raise thy blade, replace yon britches, and tumble yonder diceblocks - FORSOOTH - it's Podshambles Presents: Idle Fantasy.
  • 58. Podshambles 58: Barrel Man & Wigglin' Gervers (World Cup Special)

    The World Shamblecup rears it's Podball head once more as all the big ball teams fight it out for ultimate cool foot supremacy. It's gonna be the best World Cups since Cast time we reckon.THIS TIME: All-round Footfans Paddy & Laurie take it to the bridge with all the World Class predictions you could ever want from two definitely cool guys on a podcast. GOSH DARN THERE'S SPORTS! This episode has got it all! Is Paddy the catch of the day or just an angry crab? Will Laurie host his patented Football Megaquiz? How many goals will Putin score with his magic, magic tricks? Which footballer is a Horcrux?Hide your pillows, be mindful of the surplus of bees, and keep an eye on world famous football puppeteer Tiny Ballman - it's Podshambles 58.
  • 57. Podshambles 57: The Best Smell In Religion

    Welcome, distinguished guest, to this - the best pod-based evening (or morning, if you like) that's ever been cast into your goddamn life. Soak up those audio waves while dining on a fine menu of chat, waffle and, via that patented Podshambles Pod-Power, and for the first time ever, scent.That's right, the Podboys have got all stinky this episode as they delve into the oft-missed topic of their desert island smells. Laurie delves into his love of the musk of goalie gloves, the fact that Paddy's into dry oranges and orange (maybe?) dryers, and both of the P-Boys agree on The Most Famous Smell In Religion (TM).We also find time to talk about wiggling your tie, warming down versus cooling off, and having Age of Empires II on tap.Tuck into your podpie, sup from you cast of wine, and let Podshambles do the digestion for you. Yum.
  • Podshambles 56: The Dane Bane

    Welcome to the Shamblerace. Wanna go Caster? Jump on my Hot Pod. Then we can win the race and save the community centre or something equally underdoggish.THIS TIME: After another unintentional hiatus - Podshambles returns with even more fleek (am I using that right?). Paddy has discovered Gilmore Girls and it's quite literally thrown his life into disarray, Laurie is unimpressed with Faraway Phil, and the under-appreciated duo finally take aim at those that deserve it most - Brewdog.Is Laurie a conspiracy theorist? Will Paddy manage to launch Are you going to leave us reviews?The answers to all these questions are contained within - Podshambles 56.
  • Podshambles 55: My Dad Kills Boys

    "How do you like your Pod in the morning? I like mine with a Cast. Shambled or fried? I'm satisfied as long as I get my Cast." THIS TIME: Crow Boy is back. When did he leave? Who is he? Never you mind, he's back and that's all that matters. Laurie disapproves of Dave Grohl's Catholicism, Paddy faces a morale quandary with a naughty sexwizard, and the pair of Shamblepiglets are pitted against each other in brand new section 'Character Assassination'. Is Laurie lying about janitors? Is Paddy really just Crow Boy? Will you review us on iTunes? Find out - deep inside Podshambles. #PaddyPodAss // #LozzPodAss
  • Podshambles 54: Weasel War Dance

    Punch in the shamble-codes, lock on to Podsville, and fire all missiles - it's Podshambles and it's WAR. This week, Paddy and Laurie are acting like goats - so climbing up into rare Moroccan trees to spit seeds at passers by. Paddy is back from holidays to Europe - remember that place? - and has some boozy boner stories, while Laurie just simply won't believe any of it. We've also time to check in with everyone's favourite fictional mountain elf, Melvin, as he dances with weasel-wolves, enjoys some murder porn and maybe levels up. Does Paddy understand what an orange is? Is there any hope for Laurie's schooning school? Will Melvin ever level up? Find out this week on....Podshambles. Yeah.
  • Podshambles 53: Platypus Havoc

    The ONLY place on the internet where you can hear 100% official MC Funky Bantam coverage, all day, all the time, ALL PODSHAMBLES. On this week's perfectly spherical pod, Laurie's got some stupid stories about dating, pants and sex pests, some of which may have been made up, Paddy's off to Spain to bother the locals and steal iberico ham by the truckload, and Melvin the Melf continues his yak-based adventures. Should you watch porn on the tube? What kind of sandpaper is the best to wipe your butt with? Will Blind Belinda escape the evil designs of some large weasels? This and many more questions remain POSSIBLY UNANSWERED on the Nation's Favourite Bullshit Podcast - it's Podshambles.