Podshambles Presents: Idle Fantasy

Ep. 59

A rumble in the deep - the Podbeast awakens, Casting a cataclysmic Shambleshadow across this broken land. Podshambles has returned!

THIS TIME: It's a little different. Laurie and Paddy shatter all your expectations and announce that more Podshambles is coming - but they're also introducing you to something new. Idle Fantasy.

Idle Fantasy is a new Dungeons&Dragons podcast that the Shamebletodgers do with Zac Cole and Liam Welton. It's all kicking off over there, so we thought we'd share this episode with you to see what you think. We hope you like our adventures.

NEXT TIME: Just straight up brand new Podshambles.

Raise thy blade, replace yon britches, and tumble yonder diceblocks - FORSOOTH - it's Podshambles Presents: Idle Fantasy.

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