Podshambles 57: The Best Smell In Religion

Ep. 57

Welcome, distinguished guest, to this - the best pod-based evening (or morning, if you like) that's ever been cast into your goddamn life. Soak up those audio waves while dining on a fine menu of chat, waffle and, via that patented Podshambles Pod-Power, and for the first time ever, scent.

That's right, the Podboys have got all stinky this episode as they delve into the oft-missed topic of their desert island smells. Laurie delves into his love of the musk of goalie gloves, the fact that Paddy's into dry oranges and orange (maybe?) dryers, and both of the P-Boys agree on The Most Famous Smell In Religion (TM).

We also find time to talk about wiggling your tie, warming down versus cooling off, and having Age of Empires II on tap.

Tuck into your podpie, sup from you cast of wine, and let Podshambles do the digestion for you. Yum.

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