Podshambles 59: Hey Piggy! Tired Hams

Ep. 60

A light is Cast over the Shamblehorizon and two wiggling Podies emerge relatively unscathed from the wreckage of history. Podshambles has returned, but should they have bothered?

THIS TIME: 'Best Podshambles Hosts' winners every year for the past six years Paddy & Laurie are back with all the lukewarm gossip you never asked for. Fresh from their new podcast 'Idle Fantasy' - these piggies ain't got no tired hams. Is Paddy the new Aesop? Has Laurie found the world's best mountain? What ever became of Ted-d20 and Coy Carp?

Lock up your mind-palace, blame your crimes on the nearest dog, and please listen to your futurefuture selves - it's Podshambles 59.

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