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The Supply Chain and Innovation in 2021

In this episode we will be talking to Lisa Anderson the founder and president of the LMA Consulting Group based in Claremont, California in the metro area of L.A.

Lisa is an expert in manufacturing strategy and end-to-end supply chain transformation, and she works with clients in manufacturing and distribution across multiple sectors such as aerospace, defence, industrial products, healthcare, food and beverage.

Lisa has been named as a top influencer in supply chain, B2B Tech and ERP by SAP, Arketi, and Washington Frank respectively.

Lisa is also author of the book I’ve Been Thinking: Turning Everyday Interaction into Profitable Opportunities and before founding LMA Consulting she was VP of Operations at PaperPak now Attends Healthcare Products.

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  • Healthcare Innovation and the Telemedicine Revolution

    In this episode on Interlinks we're thrilled to have Christian Milaster, a renowned authority in digital health and telehealth based in Annapolis, Maryland who takes us on a deep dive into the world of healthcare innovation in the United States. With a rich background that includes working at IBM, Mayo Clinic, and now leading his own boutique consulting firm, Christian is a driving force in revolutionizing healthcare by optimizing telemedicine services for improved care delivery, scalability, and patient satisfaction.In this conversation we explore the innovations taking place in telemedicine services as well as how Christian has built his boutique consultancy firm with drive, dedication, and exquisite care.
  • Practical AI for Business

    Welcome to a new episode of our podcast, where we're thrilled to have Declan Foster, the founder of Martello Change Consulting, as our esteemed guest. Martello Change Consulting has carved a niche in the realm of change management, transformation, and project delivery, offering expert insights and services. In our insightful conversation, Declan sheds light on the reality of Artificial Intelligence amidst the current hype and hysteria. He offers practical advice on how business owners can leverage these technologies to enhance both the efficacy and efficiency of their operations. With his unique perspective, Declan brings much-needed clarity to this complex and often intimidating topic, aiming to boost performance and benefit owners, managers, employees, and customers alike. Tune in as we unravel the intricacies of AI in the business world with Declan Foster.
  • Research and Development in the Irish Food Sector

    In this episode of Interlinks I talk to Darren Harris, consultant, trainer, and university lecturer, based in Dublin, Ireland.Darren operates in two interesting and complementary roles currently.On the one hand, in his private consultancy role he is a Research & Development expert in speciality food and technology helping clients in the Irish food sector with R&D, tax grants and grant applications.On the other hand, Darren is a lecturer on bakery and pastry arts at the School of Culinary Art and Food Technology at TUD (Tecnological University Dublin).
  • The Importance of Supply Chain Partner Relationships

    The awareness of the importance of international supply chains has grown in recent years, not just among the business fraternity, but more widely in the media, among politicians and ordinary citizens as well. Because of the multiple crises that we have endured such as COVID, Brexit, War in Ukraine and geopolitical tensions with China people now understand much better that it is the correct functioning of these complex supply chains that keeps the show on the road.However, what may people may still not fully appreciate is just how many supply chain partners are involved in bringing even a cup of coffee to their breakfast table and how the correct functioning of these supply chains depends fundamentally of the quality of the relationships between these myriad supply chain partners - producers, buyers, processors, distributors, retailers and logistics service providers.In this conversation with my colleagues Lisa Anderson and Elizabeth Warren from the Supply Chain Special Interest Group of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC) we explore this fascinating field of supply chain relationships and just how essential they are for the correct functioning of our modern economy.
  • Life After Globalisation

    In this episode of Interlinks, I explore how the world is fragmenting geo-politically in the 2020s in quite surprising ways, and the fact that many businesses have not quite twigged the implications of this reversal in globalisation for the design and operation of the international supply chains that they depend upon to compete.I delve further into what "life after globalisation" might look like and how companies should be equipping themselves to deal with this if they hope to continue to thrive and prosper in that world. In many cases, the supply chains that we built over the last thirty years in the period of peace, stability, and expanding globalisation that say its heyday between 1990 and 2010 will not serve us so well in the future. We are going to have to dramatically reconfigure our supply chains for security, redundancy, agility, and resilience looking to the future.
  • Decision Intelligence in the Supply Chain

    In this episode of Interlinks we talk to Fred Laluyaux President and CEO of Aera Technology.Aera is a Silicon-Valley-based Decision Intelligence company and a leader in this exciting new area.The company’s Aera Decision Cloud™ integrates with existing systems and data sources to help business with technology-enhanced decision making in real time, and at scale, so that they can achieve sustainability, effectiveness, and efficiency in the context of the high-degree of complexity of their supply chains.In this conversation, Fred and I explore some of the more recent developments and capabilities emerging in this fast-moving sector.
  • Start With What Works

    In this episode of Interlinks I talk to Andy Bass Managing Director at BassClusker Consulting based in Sutton Coldfield near Birmingham in the English Midlands.Andy works with leaders to boost productivity and profitable growth with a key focus on using resources they have already. Helping then to find ways to exploit their Hidden Gold as he terms it.To that end he has written two book which have been commercially published titled , "Start With What Works: A faster way to grow your business" and "Committed Action: The three-step method to inspire your people to take ownership and get results."In this conversation we talk about Andy's key ideas underlying the start-with-what-works concept and we get some great insights and advice arising from his many years of experience.
  • Supply Chains, Energy Transition and Geopolitical Fragmentation

    In this episode of Interlinks I am joined again by my colleagues from the supply chain special interest group of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting to discuss the issues of energy security and geopolitical change and how they are influencing the thinking of business strategists and decision makers as the look to design and configure the supply chains of the future.Joining me today are:Dr. Karen Wilson-Starks, President and CEO of Transleadership of in Colorado Springs in the state of Colorado.Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting, from the Los Angeles metro area in California.Diane Garcia, president of Lorraine Consulting from Phoenix Arizona, 
  • German Engineering in Brazilian Intralogistics

    In this episode of Interlinks we talk to Markus Flotho, Manager of Logistics Systems at Jungheinrich, BrazilJungheinrich is a German company, as is Markus himself, known the world over for the manufacture and supply of materials handling equipment such as fork lift trucks and order pickers.Today, Jungheinrich has become a provider of total intralogistics solutions incorporating its traditional materials handling equipment together with storage systems and warehouse management software in conventional as well as automated warehouse solutions.Markus has spent his career over the last 20 plus years in this industry, firstly in Germany with Dematic and then Jungheinrich and now with Jungheinrich in Brazil where he has been for the last 9 years or so.