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Events, Shocks, Trends and the Supply Chain

In this episode of the Interlinks podcast I am joined again by my colleagues from the Supply Chain Special Interest Group of the Society for the Advancement of Consulting (SAC) to review some of the events and shocks that have impacted supply chains during 2022 and how these events sit within the context of the overarching long-term trends that are driving supply chain strategies such as demographics, technology, and the energy transition among others.

Shocks and events such as the war in Ukraine, the pandemic and Brexit, among other may feel like they have appeared out of nowhere, but these events are taking place within the context of overarching trends that are unmoved by these short-term shocks and events. This provides us with another perspective on how to react and devise successful supply chain strategies as we look to the future.

Joining me in this episode of the show to discuss all of this are :

  • Diane Garcia, president of Lorraine Consulting based in Phoenix Arizona
  • Lisa Anderson, president of LMA Consulting, joining us from the Los Angeles metro area in California.

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    In this episode of Interlinks, I talk to Emmanuel Daniel, a futurist and acclaimed expert in the finance industry and who is globally acknowledged for his insights into the future of finance, economics and their societal impacts. Emmanuel has been named among the top 10 global influencers in the fintech realm for consecutive years and he is the author of The Great Transition - the Personalization of Finance is Here, published in October, 2022. Emmanuel is an entrepreneur, and is the founder of TAB Global, which owns The Asian Banker, The Banking Academy, Wealth and Society, TAB Insights and other digital communities. He is also the founder of the London based Wealth and Society. Emmanuel divides his time between Singapore, Beijing, and New York when he is not travelling around the world building material for his next book.Int his conversation we discuss his work with clients through his various entrepreneurial endeavours as well as getting his take on topics such as personal resilience, motivation, and leadership.
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    In this episode of Interlinks I converse with Lisa Anderson of LMA Consulting in the Los Angeles metro area about manufacturing in the USA.We touch on aspects of skills, capabilities, and AI and effective approaches to resolving the apparent dichotomy between resilience and efficiency such as Sales, Inventory, and Operations Planning (SIOP).We also talk about Lisa's own views on leadership, motivation, and personal resilience as a successful businesswoman operating in a turbulent business environment.
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    In this episode I converse with to two special guests in relation to an exciting new European project that has just got underway sponsored by CEDR (the Conference of the European Directors of Roads) that is focused on developing recommendations for policies in relation to Intelligent Access to the road networks of Europe.Intelligent Access or IA is an approach that seeks to match the performance and characteristics of road freight vehicles with the state and capability of specific sections of the road infrastructure.The project work is being undertaken by a consortium called ISAC (Intelligent Surface Access Community) which is made up of several specialist companies with expertise in various aspects of road transport, logistics, supply chain and infrastructure. The project is funded by five European countries - the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Ireland.The ISAC consortium is led by the multinational engineering firm AECOM and indeed our two guests today are from AECOM and they are:John Hix: Head of AECOM's Freight and Logistics Team.Scott Stephenson: Associate Director of Operational Research focused on Transport.
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    In this episode of the Interlinks podcast, I converse with Dr. Mike Drayton, an executive coach, clinical psychologist, and author. Mike shares with me his expertise on leading the hybrid organisations that have become a feature of many people's work life in this post-COVID period.Mike, who has a diverse background which ranges from working as a bus driver to being a paramedic, a clinical psychologist in the UK's NHS and now a consultant, offers valuable insights into the modern challenges of hybrid work environments.
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    In this episode of the Interlinks podcast, where we explore the intersections of business, technology, and innovation, we have a special guest joining us all the way from Düsseldorf, Germany. Alexander Nowroth is with us. For many years, Alex was an internationally successful sales leader in the logistics services industry—one of the most demanding B2B sales sectors in the world.Since founding his management consulting company, LEBENSWERK CONSULTING GROUP, in 2016, Alex has been successfully helping company leaders achieve both top and bottom-line growth. He's also an expert on digital sales tools, and his current area of interest is how to demolish unnecessary bureaucratic barriers that exist in many workplaces. We'll be diving deep into this topic in this conversation.
  • EU Flagship GMP GDP Clinical Trials Hub in Dublin

    In this episode of Interlinks I talk to Michael O’Kane, Commercial Strategic Director, with Yourway Clinical a company that describes itself as The Biopharma Services Company.Michael has spent most, if not, all of his career in the life services sector in various role including business development and going back to 2008 has worked with companies such as Bio Trans, Medserv, World Courier, CRYOPDP, Marken and now Yourway.In an exciting development for the biopharma sector in Ireland, Yourway will be hosting a launch event for their new EU flagship GMP GDP site at Dublin Airport Logistics Park on 6th June 2024. The 75,000 square feet state-of-the-art facility will integrate clinical packaging, temperature-controlled storage,and distribution to support clinical trials.