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One Vision

Blockchain and Financial Inclusion: Mark this one

Season 1, Ep. 9

AI and Blockchain - the killer combo. Mark Van Rijmenam founder at Datafloq, joins us for an exciting episode discussing trends in AI and Blockchain. Efi and Arun host this episode, where they discuss Mark's explorations across the globe.

Mark is also a keynote speaker, a global citizen by his own admission, and is the Author of the book "Blockchain: Transforming Your Business and Our World". Mark also talks about his Doctoral research on how AI, Big Data and Blockchain can help businesses.

The discussion then moves onto Silicon Valley and the monopoly of the big tech giants in the AI space, and how Blockchain is benefiting from hubs such as Crypto Valley, Estonia, and Gibraltar.

We finally touch upon Mark's travels in Dubai, and how the government in Dubai are trying to evangelise governance using Blockchain, and his thoughts on if Europe can really be the Global hub of Blockchain based innovation. 

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  • A founder's quest to scale a SaaS solution for SMBs

    Small businesses account for 99.9% of all U.S. firms. They employ almost half of America's private sector workforce and represent 43.5% of gross domestic product. By almost any measure, small businesses are a crucial part of our economy and workforce. Yet, they are hugely underserved by the financial services industry. In this episode of One Vision, Theo, Stephanie, and Amelia chat with Lori Shao, CEO of Finli, a certified B Corp digital back office platform for small businesses, on her journey to entrepreneurship, the challenges that SMBs face, and the role that community banks can play. “I know in my heart whom to build it for,” she told us. Tune in and get ready to be inspired. 
  • A founder's perspective: "I didn't choose fintech; fintech chose me"

    Faced with persistent economic uncertainties and stagnant wage growth, will fintechs give us hope by bringing us the right product at the right time and empowering customers with more focus on financial well-being and education? In this episode of One Vision — FinTech Fuse! Theo and Stephanie chat with Sebastian Builes, Co-Founder and CEO of Arcum, about his journey from payments novice to fintech founder, and his bullishness on Atlanta as a fintech hotbed. A year in the startup world is like a decade in the real world, and being a founder can be a lonely endeavor. Sebastian offers the following advice: Relationships and communities matter. Give back and pay forward.
  • Harnessing the power of data on the journey to net zero

    Data gives us superpower. From how much we spend and where we spend it, to the impact of our dollars on the planet, data tells a story. In an era where consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious, the role that financial institutions can and should play in helping us transition to net zero is more crucial than ever. In this episode of One Vision — FinTech Fuse! Theo chats with Emma Kisby, CEO, Cogo EMEA, on the power of data and collective impact. Banks play an important role in educating customers about the environmental impact of their spending, offering insights and incentives to trigger behavioral change. With intention — and action, a fairer and more sustainable world is possible. 
  • Falling into banking: The master orchestrator

    Are fintechs still eating bankers’ lunch? What roles will big techs play in consumer financial lives? For fintech founders pitching to community banks, what should they be mindful of? In this episode of One Vision — Fintech Fuse! Theo chats with Pam Kaur, Head of Bank Technology at BankTech Ventures, about her role in fostering connections and innovation in the banking and fintech sectors, and how she gets their portfolio companies ready to work with banks and take the partnership to the next level. The banking community is small and tight-knit. Relationships are an art. Being intentional in lifting others can go a long way in taking partnerships to the next level. A rising tide does lift all boats.
  • Banking is what you do but not who you are

    As banking services grow increasingly digital, how can we best serve the needs of a diverse community and truly make a difference? In a world where everything seems to move at a breakneck pace, leaving behind those who don’t keep up, it is refreshing to witness empathy in action by a true leader who walks the talk and instills hope in others. In this episode of One Vision, Theo chats with Brian Lee, President/CEO at Landings Credit Union, on his journey to running the 70-year old credit union and earning a “Dementia Friendly Business” designation. Serve, and not be served. Much to learn from Brian, we all have. 
  • Why change when it has always worked?

    From fintech being perceived as a competitor to a bank, to acting as a collaborator, much has evolved in the past two decades. As we look forward, how do we anticipate the relationship evolving, especially with the likes of Apple making a formidable entrance into the ecosystem? And how should banks respond and adapt to the changing world? In this episode of One Vision, Theo chats with an old friend, Jim Marous, on the ups and downs of our beloved industry, and what we might expect next.
  • Ushering in a new era: The fusion of fintechs and banks

    At a time when financial institutions and fintechs are evolving from being competitors to partners, our relationship with financial services providers is changing as well — especially with larger (tech) brands playing a more prominent role in our day-to-day lives. How will this web of relationships redefine the future of financial services? What role will data and emerging technologies play? In this episode of One Vision, Theo chats with Kate Drew, Director of Research at CCG Catalyst, on the changing delivery landscape and the fusion of fintechs and banks. 
  • Automation as catalyst: Augmenting human and machine

    How can financial institutions best adapt to the changing world and work faster and better? From enabling wide-ranging digital experience to responding to compliance demands, can you automate the most complex decisioning processes as easily as building with Lego blocks? In this new episode of One Vision, Theo and Barb chat with Emily Bogan and Patrick Rivenbark on redefining process automation and being intentional.
  • Smart banking and finding the hidden tribes

    The world is changing around us and so are we. Has the financial services industry evolved with time, and how can we think differently about who our customers are and what they need? In this episode of One Vision, Theo and Barb chat with Stessa Cohen, strategic technology advisor and evangelist, on finding the hidden tribes and the future of banking. Will we see more M&A activities? How will banks address the move to digital, while making sure that they are not leaving people behind? What will smart banking look like? Tune in to our conversation and find out!