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Season 5, Ep. 5


The films that we talked about this season that are on Metrograph's at home app are leaving September 28, 2022! Though they are available on, Metrograph's versions are beautiful! Go watch and listen before we start our second season!

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RohmerCast: Boyfriends and Girlfriends

Season 5, Ep. 3
Welcome to RohmerCast, the podcast about Rohmer: his films, his working methods, and anything else we want to talk about related to Éric Rohmer. In our third episode, hosts Liam Billingham and Shaun Seneviratne discuss Boyfriends & Girlfriends (1987), the final film in his Comedies & Proverbs cycle. This leads to the following tangents: Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, the Screwball Comedy, streamlined production methods, location sound as sound aesthetic, the suburbs as a location, setting up webs of relationships, sympathy for the youth, Blanche as a character, jobs decentered, color blocking, and assessing the most accurate title translation.In this episode, Liam is wearing a ScreenSlate NYC hat and Shaun is drinking absinthe at two in the afternoon. Listen wherever you listen to podcasts! Boyfriends and Girlfriends is screening as part of the Summer of Rohmer  series at Metrograph and can be streamed at Metrograph at Home. You can find Liam Billingham on Twitter @liamgbillingham and Shaun Seneviratne on Instagram and Twitter @thebrownshaun. Special thanks to our buddy George Fragopoulos, who you'll hear on the show soon! Primary Sources:Eric Rohmer: Interviews edited by Fiona HandysideEric Rohmer: A Biography by Noël Herpe and Antoine De Baecque#ericrohmer #frenchnewwave #cinema #nouvellevague #filminstagram #filmtwitter #frenchcinema #cinephile #criterioncollection @criterioncollection @metrograph @mubi #podcast #filmpodcast