Oeuvre Busters

A bi-weekly podcast hosted by Liam Billingham and George Fragopoulos. Oeuvre Busters explores movies through the lens of politics, masculinity, and probably a few bad jokes.

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Liam Billingham

Liam Billingham has spent thousands of hours talking about films, filmmaking, and nearly every aspect of media production as an instructor and producer. He has produced and directed Emmy-nominated films, documentaries, and PSAs, as well as award-winning theater in Europe, Asia, and the US. His work can be seen at liambillingham.com

George Fragopoulos

George Fragopoulos is an academic and a poet. When not struggling to find the right words, George spends too much time watching movies and prestige television. His claim to fame is that Robert De Niro once said hi to him. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.