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Season Two Premiere: La Collectionneuse

Season 6, Ep. 1

Welcome to the SEASON TWO PREMIERE of RohmerCast, the podcast about Éric Rohmer: his films, his working methods, and anything else we want to talk about related to Éric Rohmer.

In our fifth episode we discuss La Collectionneuse (1967), his (second) first feature. This leads to the following tangents: coming up with a theme song for the show, the idea of a fictionalized documentary, the sound of the birds, direct sound as an aesthetic choice, intentionally with shooting ratio, Rohmer in relation to the Nouvelle Vague, comparisons to Bresson, the cognitive dissonance between image and voiceover, the objectification of Haydee, and achieving perfection in a single bound.

At the time of release, this movie can be streamed on the Criterion Channel @criterioncollection (and is generally fairly accessible).

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