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No Small Jobs: The Podcast

Philippa, The Professional Pole Dancer

Season 2, Ep. 5

Philippa started out with a love of music, but stumbled into a world that values strength and community above all else and now she wants to help people around Australia build their pole dancing business. Find out where else a career in pole dancing can take you and why it's more than what you might've seen in Hustlers.

Blood Sweat & Sequins Documentary feature 2013 -

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  • 13. Tracey, Founder and CEO of Testigo Africa

    Tracey's overachieving nature took her on a winding journey through tax accountancy, publishing and corporate law until one day she realised that despite all her achievements and worldly possessions, she was miserable. Then one day, she went on a trip to Tanzania, met a Masai and had a serendipitous, soul-enriching experience like no other. She found her tribe. Now she owns and runs Testigo Africa, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of people in Tanzania. Discover how you can follow your passion, no matter how deep into your career you are, on this episode of No Small Jobs.
  • 12. James, The Tradie

    James came out of private school thinking that all he wanted to do was work with his hands and earn money, rather than continue on the higher education. From there, he became a carpenter, a business owner and ended up in insurance, a path he never knew he was going to take. All the while, he has been taking his love of NFL and turning it into a successful career in podcasting and broadcasting. Find out more on this episode of No Small Jobs.
  • 11. Euan, The Ecologist

    Euan has had a lifelong love of wildlife and the environment, which evolved into a passion for conservation, research and raising community awareness about the plight of our native fauna. He talks about his work with Deakin University and The Conversation, trying to bring science and facts into an increasingly factless world.
  • 10. Sam, The Video Game Programmer and Musician

    I will admit that this is a long one, so make sure you plan an intermission of some sort.Sam took his love of computers and video games and turned it into a career, which had him working with major global gaming companies. He was on the team that created de Blob and, if you haven't played it yet, go get it. If you love platforming, you love colour and you love funk/jazz/salsa music, then this is the game for you. As you'll hear, I spent about 30 minutes of this episode geeking out over de Blob.He even found time to become a semi-professional musician, playing piano in jazz clubs all over Melbourne. How does he find the time? Listen and find out.
  • 9. Susan, The Pharmacist

    Susan is not your average pharmacist. In a career that she stumbled into by accident and learnt to love over time, Susan works with renal transplant patients at the Royal Melbourne Hospital to help them stay healthy and keep their bodies from rejecting the transplant. That's not something she thought she'd ever do when doing a gap year in Europe or working outreach at the Alfred. Find out how a career in pharmacy isn't just about putting labels on boxes.
  • 8. Jen, The Scientist and Science Communicator

    In this uncertain time, when there are false facts and panic everywhere, it's important to have scientists like Jen trying to guide us through the chaos. Jen always knew she wanted to be a scientist, but found a greater calling in being a communicator and teaching scientists the skills to make dense facts accessible and relatable. That's why she has taken her skills to RRR, University of Melbourne and the internet at large.
  • 7. Robin, The Market and Social Researcher

    Robin had no idea what he wanted to do when he was a teenager and felt the pressure of needing a secure job. He stumbled into food science, where he dropped every instrument imaginable; luckily, it brought him to sensory science and introduced him (and the world) to the fifth flavour: umami. Finally, he landed in market and social research, where he helps brands, charities and politicians how to communicate effectively to the world. All this influence, and it all started by accident. Find out how you can accidentally find your passion in this episode of No Small Jobs.Robin, incidentally, also has a Let's Play channel on YouTube about Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Well worth a look:
  • 6. Lina, The Musical Multi-Hyphenate

    Lina's love and talent for music has saved her life more than once, but it's not where either she nor her parents thought her career would go. Like all good Asian children, she put herself on a path towards a practical and secure job, but deep down, she knew her passion was elsewhere. Find out how she became a talent quest judge, singer, songwriter and music teacher, starting from a prodigal 14 years of age.Website: LinamusikTiktok (China): Lina's Music HouseLittle Red Book (China): Lina's Music House