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Anna Martinkari - Head of Digital at Telia (in English)

Season 2, Ep. 5

Anna Martinkari, Head of Digital at Telia in Sweden, joins me for this episode of the Nordic Future Makers podcast. Anna is responsible for a wide range of different areas of digital at Telia and is responsible for creating the best customer experience for Telia's Swedish customers. I enjoyed talking to Anna and we spoke about digital goals, customer experience, differentiation, innovation and the fact that 'you can't land a moon rocket in a swamp!' Anna then discussed her role on the board of the IAB in Sweden and also told me about some of the work she has done with startups like Deedster too. Finally, Anna has a great answer to the question I ask everyone at the end of the podcast!

#nordicfuturemakers (Music by E.Burcher)

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