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Solberg Audunsson - Founder of Takumi (influencer marketing) and Planitor (planning), Product Owner at QuizUp - in English

Season 2, Ep. 8
Jokull Solberg Audunsson is my guest on the Nordic Future Makers podcast for this episode. Based in Iceland, Solberg tells me about the various ventures he has been involved in including: QuizUp - funded by Sequoia Capital, it became really big and Solberg was the product owner at this multi-million dollar Icelandic startupTakumi - Solberg then founded Takumi, the groundbreaking influencer marketing company and software platform that invented the idea of micro-influencers - he tells us all about Takumi, from startup and funding to how the company developed over timePlanitor - Solberg's latest venture is based on the 'no code movement' and is working with the built environment and local authorities to digitise plans, permits and building papers to visualise construction and construction progress across Iceland...and then for the final question I ask the question I ask everyone, 'what are you curious about now?'It was fascinating to talk to Solberg and inspiring to hear him speak - his been involved in a lot of successful things and is constantly thinking about what comes next. I hope you enjoy the podcast, I hope you will subscribe to the podcast and I hope you will listen again. If you have enjoyed the podcast and want to support the efforts that go into it, then please feel free to buy me a virtual fika / virtual drink through my ACast Supporter page here: Thank you and hope to catch up with you in the future!#nordicfuturemakers(Music by E.Burcher)