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Daniel Melkersson - CEO and Co-Founder, PinMeTo - Local SEO and Retail Marketing (in English)

Season 2, Ep. 6

Location Optimisation and Local SEO is important to ensure that correct information shows up on Google Maps, Apple Maps, Facebook etc for shops and stores, hotels, restaurants, bars, government offices and more. Swedish company PinMeTo are one of the global leaders in this space and PinMeTo Founder and CEO Daniel Melkersson joins me on this episode of the Nordic Future Makers podcast to tell me all about this growing area. You will here Daniel talk about how to set things up on Google Maps, Apple Maps, FourSquare and Yandex, you'll hear him talk about managing reviews and you'll hear about the best approach to managing locations on Facebook. Daniel also tells us some of his thoughts on the future of commerce and retail too! #localseo #seo #nordicfuturemakers (Music by E.Burcher)

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