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Special Feature - Marketing Trends Every Financial Leader Should Know in 2019

We identified and presented some of the top marketing trends financial leaders should pay attention to so they can make informed decisions about the marketing tactics being used in their company.

To view the full presentation, check out our blog post.

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  • 14. New Meta E. 14 - David van Keulen | Donia Farms

    In New Meta episode 14, Blue Meta CEO Nick Bideshi and VP Business Development Jay Lundgren chat with David van Keulen of Donia Farms.. Donia Farms has been a family business dating back to the 1950's, and their current line of consumer products has helped them evolve the business from its production roots. Nick and Jay chat with David about the importance of trust in the food industry, as well the impact of brand and social media on small businesses.
  • 13. New Meta E. 13 - Tyson Ediger | Drake Meats

    Blue Meta CEO Nick Bideshi and CMO Ricky Bandelin chatted with Tyson Ediger of Drake Meats about the growth of ecommerce, the launch of a new Drake Meats brand, and the future of consumer behaviour.
  • 12. New Meta E. 12 - Jan Arntorp | Sanderson Concrete

    Blue Meta CEO Nick Bideshi chats with owner of Sanderson Concrete Jan Arntorp. They focus their discussion how the pandemic has impacted their business, leadership, decision making, and more.
  • 10. New Meta Episode 10 - Corbin Chivers

    In New Meta episode 10 Nick sits down with Corbin Chivers, a local Surrey & Langley realtor, to talk about how the market is being affected by the pandemic. Corbin outlines what home buyers and sellers should be looking out for and discusses the changes in the housing market. The team also discusses what to do as a small business during the pandemic with the key message: do not panic. Check out what these two business owners have to say about making it through these turbulent times. 
  • 9. New Meta Ep 9 - Chris Hardwick

    In New Meta episode 9 Nick chats with TECH Chair Chris Hardwick on business through a pandemic. Get advice as a business owner on how to move ahead as the pandemic changes consumer behaviour and the way people communicate and interact with each other. Take a measured data driven approach to cut marketing costs. The duo covers everything from cash flow to how to position yours sales and marketing team to get the best growth through and after this global pandemic. 
  • 8. New Meta Ep 8 Three Peaks

    In New Meta episode 8 Nick and Ricky sit down with Paul from Three Peaks Health. In this episode, the team discusses best practices to promote company culture and attract top employment. Using company values they cover the importance of sharing company culture on social media to help create a stronger community.
  • 7. New Meta Ep 7 Fuggles & Warlock

    In New Meta episode 7 Nick and Aaron sit down with Fuggles & Warlock owner Glen. In this episode the guys cover how the brand is changing as they grow and learning to create consistency in their design. And outlining the changes in the craft brewery industry and how the changes affect the brand as it grows.
  • 6. Episode 6 - Steffen Janzen - Picnic Creative

    Steffen Janzen sits down with our New Meta team to talk about starting his new agency. Learn more about the use of micro influencer's on New Meta ep. 6.