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Navigating the Music Business during Quarantine with Cherie Hu

Season 1, Ep. 56

In this episode, we sit down with our first repeat guest on the podcast, Cherie Hu. Cherie is an an experienced music industry analytics, freelance writer and owner of the independent media ecosystem Water & Music. Cherie’s expertise in the music industry lies at the intersection of music and tech, of which she provides insight and updates via her newsletter and podcast. Outside of her own media properties, she’s been freelanced to write for publications including, Billboard, Forbes, Music Business Worldwide, Rolling Stone, and many more.

In this episode we discuss how her workflow has changed since quarantine, if the pandemic will change future music business people's career choices and what sector they want to join in the future, what parts of the industry will grow faster or potentially come to light as a result of the pandemic, and more.

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