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Building an International Non-Profit in Music with Founder + CEO Andreea Magdalina

Season 1, Ep. 122

On today's episode of the Music Business Podcast, we interview Founder and Partnership Strategist Andreea Magdalina. Andreea is an experienced speaker on topics such as music and brand partnerships, business development, brand strategy, building community, marketing, and diversity & inclusion. She has spent the past 4 years working with creative agencies to develop digital-first content, technology products and strategic partnerships for global brands.

As of May 2019, she is focusing on her role as CEO at in addition to consulting for music, technology and culture-forward clients. Partnerships she has previously worked on include clients such as YouTube Music, Instagram, Microsoft, Skype, Sonos, British Council to name a few.

Today, we discuss the founding of, how it's grown internationally, what standing up for equality looks like in music, strategies for building community, questions to ask yourself when developing a strategic partnership, and more.

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Using the Blog Era to Win in 2021 with Co-Founder of Closed Sessions Alexander Fruchter

Season 1, Ep. 124
On this episode of the Music Business Podcast, we invite Alexander Fruchter aka DJ RTC. Born and raised in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, he has been a mainstay in Chicago’s Hip Hop community as a DJ, journalist, and label owner for close to 20 years. Fruchter is the founder of the significant underground Hip Hop blog rubyhornet, an accomplished DJ, and an Associate Professor of Instruction at Columbia College Chicago. Fruchter is the founder of the indie Hip Hop label, Closed Sessions, and was recognized by the Chicago Tribune as a “Chicagoan of the Year” in 2016. He is a graduate of Indiana University, and currently lives in Humboldt Park. His most recent writing can be found at LL Cool’s Rock The Bells.Today, we talk about founding Closed Sessions and writing for rubyhornet in the height of the blog era, what today's music industry can learn from it when it comes to community building, branding, and more. This is a fun, informative episode and a moment nostalgia for anyone that was a part of the blogging community in the early 2010s. Even if you weren't, you'll get an idea of what it brought to today's industry by the episode's conclusion.Leave a review and join us in our discord via our Patreon at to discuss the episode with Sam, Jordan, and the Music Business Podcast community. Follow us on IG at @musicbusinesspodcast for additional content and clips from this episode and past episodes.