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Producer/DJ Gareth Emery on the Ascent to Arena’s and Dropping NFT’s

Season 1, Ep. 109
Today on the podcast we have on award winning DJ and producer originally from the UK Gareth Emery. He’s been able to build a sustainable and long career as a musician and he's known for his incredible live performances and arena shows with world class laser light shows and he also was the CEO of a blockchain music streaming service called choon from 2017-2019, ahead of his time. Today, we talk about the NFT world, the blockchain, why it’s getting popular now, and the similarities between creating great music and creating a great NFT. We’re really excited because today he’s doing a very innovative NFT drop, we dive deep into it in the episode but amidst a massive influx of NFT to supply, it’s great to see people like Gareth who’ve been at the forefront of the interaction of crypto x music world channeling his creativity and authenticity into a one of a kind nft and experience. Check out his NFT drop on nifygateway here:, before we get into this week’s episode special shoutout to our sponsor…Super excited to be partnering with Vydia to bring you this episode of the podcast. If you’re a label, manager, or artist, or even YouTube creator looking for a premiere distribution partner, head to to request an invite today.As always, feel free to leave a comment or a review on what you thought about the episode on Apple Podcasts or on the Music Business Podcast instagram @musicbusinesspodcast. We’re also very excited to connect with our community on Patreon, We look forward to you joining our community!