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Rewind: How Crypto & NFT’s Will Decentralize the Music Industry with Cooper Turley, Crypto Strategist at Audius

Season 1, Ep. 117

To celebrate Sam starting 'nft now', a web3 digital media company on a mission to empower the creators of culture through freshly minted NFT news, curation and analysis, we're re-publishing an episode with Cooper Turley.

Cooper Turley is the Head of Crypto Strategy at Audius, an emerging streaming platform. He sits at the intersection of the music industry and the exciting developments in the world of blockchain and crypto currency. He's helped numerous artists launch projects and monetize by selling digital collectables. We'll explore how blockchain and crypto may impact the music industry, and how you can use that to your advantage. In this episode, we speak to how artists are tapping into the world of NFT's and how you can do the same as the market continues to grow.

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