Music Business Podcast


Host Chat #1: Tapping into your Artistry, Audience, and Live Performances

Season 1, Ep. 26

In this episode your hosts Sam Hysell and Jordan Williams chop it up on topics that have been on their mind in the industry, strategies for emerging artists, and resources to stay up to date in the industry. 

In this episode we discuss... 

  • Scooter Braun buying Taylor Swift’s catalog of masters 
  • Contemplating the pros and cons of remaining independent vs going the label route 
  • The journey of finding your own voice, product, and audience 
  • How Lil Nas X hacked social to make Old Town Road a mega hit and more 
  • Tapping into collaborations, content, and more
  • Resources mentioned: MusicBusinessWorldWide, Cherie Hu’s Water and Music Newsletter, Trapital NewsLetter, Hypebot  

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