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Growing the #1 Hip-hop IG account @Rap to 4.6 million Followers with founder Daniel Snow

Season 1, Ep. 23

In this episode, we sit down with serial entrepreneur Daniel Snow. Dan is the founder of @Rap, the largest Hip-Hop account on Instagram with 4.6 million followers. Dan has also created and sold multiple e-commerce based businesses under the holding company Social Cadre, and consults for e-commerce clients at his company The Snow Agency. 

In this episode we discuss… 

  • How he built up @rap to 4.6M followers and what are the best ways to grow a following on Instagram 
  • What are the do’s and don'ts of shoutout campaigns 
  • What advice he has for artists looking to sell more merchandise 
  • What are certain tactics people can leverage in order to make their ad campaigns more efficient 

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