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Getting 40 Million Subscribers on Youtube with Andre Benz, Founder of The Nations

Season 1, Ep. 19

Andre Benz founded the Youtube curation account Trap Nation which has now amassed 26 million subscribers. It has since expanded to channels and playlists covering multiple genres including Chill Nation, Rap Nation, Bass Nation, R&B Nation, Indie Nation, and upcoming Latin Nation. Andre has also founded a record label Lowly and acts as management for artists including Kloud.

In this episode we discuss

  • How he came to start Trap Nation and what it takes to run successful curation channels and playlists
  • How to grow on Youtube and the type of content artists should focus on.
  • What to focus on when building a community for a brand.
  • Who his mentors have been and the intricacies of having grown his company to a 16 person team.
  • His view on whether or not traditional labels still hold value and that of audience-driven labels.
  • His love for photography, make sure to check him out on Instagram @Benz

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