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GaryVee’s Artist Relations & Music Strategy Lead, Mike Boyd, on Networking, Providing Value and Diversifying Your Career

Season 1, Ep. 53

In this episode of the podcast we sit down with Mike Boyd, Artist Relations Manager and Music Strategist for Gary Vaynerchuck and Vaynermedia. Having developed a progressive ear in music Boyd has played a vital role in bringing the biggest names in the industry into the Vaynermedia office to chop it up with Garyvee. Boyd’s role also involves brokering partnerships between artists and Vaynermedia's extensive list of clients. For the past six years he's also been a co-manager for Atlanta based producer Richie Souf.  

In this episode we discuss…

  • Brokering Brand Deals including the feature of Meg Thee Stallion in the recent Sabra Superbowl commercial 
  • Tips for Networking in the Music Industry 
  • What are the unique aspects of managing a producer
  • His thought process when curating the Monday to Monday Playlist  
  • Takeaways from interviews on his own Podcast interviewing Artists Managers and Producers at different stages of their career. 

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