Music Business Podcast


Gaining Millions of Followers on Instagram with Eliot "Dunk" Robinson

Season 1, Ep. 6

In this episode of the Music Business Podcast we're honored to have Eliot Dunk Robinson (@eliot) talk about how you can win big on Instagram.

Eliot initially built up @dunk into one of the largest basketball media companies on Instagram with nearly 10 million followers across all of their properties. He also was also brought into help spearhead Instagram growth for Gary Vaynerchuk, and helped him acquire some of his first couple million followers. Moral of the story, Eliot know's how to get accounts popping on Instagram.

He's also super plugged into culture. He's helped managed artists, collaborates to do promotional campaigns with various record labels, and is helping Dennis Rodman win on the internet and release a mixtape.

No matter what you aspire to do in the music industry, building a thriving fanbase is critical, and in this episode we talk about how you can do just that!

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