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Disrupting Culture with Talent, Brands and Diddy with Jordan Stern, Co-Founder Grey Space Group

Season 1, Ep. 38

In this episode, we sit down with Grey Space Group Co-Founder Jordan Stern. GSG is an entertainment media company focused on brand consulting, talent management and venture investing, with the goal of stimulating and contributing to popular culture. GSG has worked on projects with notable artists and producers including Juice Wrld, DaBaby, and Murda Beatz. Prior to co-founding this venture, Jordan developed an expansive understanding of the Music Industry during a five-year grind with none other than industry mogul, P Diddy. Jordan joined Sean “Diddy” Combs’ management team where he was influential in managing “Diddy” while growing earnings, analyzing investments, acquisitions and managing all appearances and concerts including the Bad Boy Reunion tour. 

In this episode we discuss...

  • The art of reverse-engineering the artists that best align for a brand
  • How artists can leverage and create brand partnership opportunities for themselves 
  • The value in building out intellectual property assets in an artists career 
  • How artist teams can go about vetting the value in different types of brand collaborations 
  • Creating a long term mindset in artist development as an artist manager  
  • What he thinks Diddy did well as a client that everyone can learn from before getting to his scale
  • Having the mindset of identifying high growth opportunities, such as recent label attention towards working with TikTok Talent 

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