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Creating Content that Wins with NOX Co-Founder/Creative Director, Matthew Ligotti

Season 1, Ep. 43

In this episode of the podcast we sit down with NOX Media co-founder Matthew Ligotti. Born and raised in New York, Matt has been creating dynamic visual content for over a decade. Starting with music videos, he received millions of views on his work. He expanded into the commercial space working with brands such as Budweiser, GE and Sour Patch Kids. He formerly worked as the Sr. Videographer for Gary Vaynerchuk’s agency, VaynerMedia, traveling the world creating content for multiple clients and leading a team of videographers. Following Vayner, he co-founded his own digital marketing agency with our very own Music Business Podcast co-host Sam Hysell to help musicians, entrepreneurs and brands quickly build and mobilize communities online. 

In this episode we discuss….

  • Approaching content for big brands vs music clients 
  • How artists can go about identifying and creating a style 
  • The different content streams artists can tap into 
  • How creatives can go about accurately portraying an artist’s brand 
  • How early on in an artist's career should they consider investing in a videographer 

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