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Creating an Emotional Connection with Fans ft. Nate Auerbach, Partner at Versus Creative

Season 1, Ep. 41

In this episode we sit down with Nate Auerbach partner at Versus Creative, a marketing strategy firm that specializes in digital and social strategy, content partnerships, and experiential marketing. Nate and the firm work with clients from artists, music festivals, technology platforms and brands including. Coachella, Stagecoach, Tyler The Creator's Camp Flog Gnaw, Vampire Weekend and the George Harrison estate. Nate started in the industry as a tour manager before transitioning into a marketing manager at MySpace at the height of its relevance in the industry.  

In this episode we discuss…

  • How to approach tech opportunities when platform traction is volatile  
  • How artists can effectively harness Tiktok for marketing purposes 
  • The experience and takeaways from putting together Tumblers IRL series 
  • How artists in the early stages of their careers can begin thinking about experiential marketing with limited resources 

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