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Crafting Hits and Discovering Talent with Atlantic Records Senior Director of A&R, Brian Johnston

Season 1, Ep. 8

In this episode, we sit down with Senior Director of A&R at Atlantic Records, Brian Johnston. Brian and Atlantic have a great track record working with some top tier artists, such as Wiz Khalifa, Kevin Gates, and Kodak Black.

Brian speaks to his journey to becoming a Senior A&R and how the role has evolved over the 8 years he’s been in the industry. This goes from finding the right talent and tone in music, to then mastering the degree to which he influences the production and composition of tracks.

For emerging artists and managers Brian speaks to the importance of building out community early on #taylorgang, and the art of being a student of those that you aspire to become. Finally, Brian drops some gold when it comes to how you should go about contacting people like him at major labels.

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