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Constructing Film, TV, and Premium Content for Artists with Senior VP of Creative Content and Development at Republic Records, Chris Blackwell

Season 1, Ep. 58

In this episode, we sit down with Chris Blackwell, the Senior VP of Creative Content and Development at Republic Records. In this role, Chris is responsible for pitching and creative development of original content to feature Republic's roster in film, television and premium platform projects. This roster includes Drake, Taylor Swift, Kid Cudi, Shawn Medes and many more. 

Outside of working with veteran artists, Chris places an emphasis on the unique opportunity that lies in creating compelling stories for emerging artists combined with the budget and distribution power from major digital, streaming and broadcast networks. While sharing this, he also dives into how artists that don’t yet have the resources from a label should begin thinking about producing their own content. Then, when it’s time to approach a partnership with these players, Chris outlines what he believes goes into the perfect pitch. 

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