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Capitalizing On Licensing Songs With Low Profile Founder Jen Pearce

Season 1, Ep. 9

In this episode, we sit down with Jen Pearce founder of Low Profile, a music licensing and consulting company based out of Brooklyn NYC. Jen does a phenomenal job at breaking down the work she does placing songs into your favorite TV shows, ads, movies, videos games and more.

Licensing can be a potentially lucrative revenue stream, that many artists and teams completely overlook. This goes past just the direct licensing payouts, as the right song placement can translate into significant streaming numbers, as well as record label deals for undiscovered artists. In fact, she shares a story of how she broke an aspiring artist working as a receptionist in her office building with an apple commercial placement.

Jen also outlines what artists and management teams need to look out for when allocating song ownership from masters to publishing rights… Believe it or not, small mistakes here can literally make or break your song getting cleared for a sync deal.

Lastly, as somebody who sees tons of submissions for songs, and tons of requests from music supervisors, Jen shares some of the key things she looks for when finding the perfect fit!

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