Music Business Podcast


Achieving Longevity in the Music Industry with Jason Jordan

Season 1, Ep. 37

In this episode, we sit down with industry veteran Jason Jordan. Jason’s career started at the age of 12 years old co-founding the legendary hardcore and punk rock label Watermark Records and his own boutique music publishing company. Earthprogram Music. Over the course of 30 years his career has ranged from, A&R Director at Columbia Record, VP A&R Hollywood Records/Disney Music Group, President of Imagem Music Publishing, and in 2016 Republic Records/Universal Music Group as Senior Vice President A&R. Today Jason co-manages Palm JUKE ROSS, manages the daily operations of earthprogram, and consults for a variety of artists, private companies, and global media entities. 

In this episode we discuss.. 

  • How the process of finding & developing talent has changed
  • How Jason feels that the relationship between distributors and record labels has changed in the digital age?
  • How has he seen the role of a record label evolve? How he think it’ll develop in the coming years/decades? 
  • What does a music publisher do?
  • As someone that has worked with lots of artist teams what he sees as the traits that separate the good from the great?

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