Moments that make us


Slam the trolls and kick like a girl

Season 1, Ep. 6

Legendary footballer and boxer Tayla Harris joins the conversation for our final ep of this special series.

Harris started playing at the age of just five, becoming "the first girl" in her club to do so, and was signed to the first AFLW season at the age of just 20.

She was depicted in an extraordinary photo showing her athleticism that went viral, and later become an important and iconic statue. The photo sparked a national conversation about trolling, social media bullying, and the expectations placed on women.

Harris is now the subject of an excellent new documentary Kick Like Tayla, coming out on Prime on May 27.

Harris shares her virtuals with host Shivani Gopal, how she has defied the expectations, how she deals with the trolls, and so much more.

This series is made possible thanks to the excellent support of our partner, Stella Insurance.

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